My Boyfriend Needs To Put the Elitist Chardonnay Down

I thought last night, reading Kerry’s Twitter feed, that he sounded kind of hammered:

blockquote>harry reid!!!

ever notice how repub tlkg heads spin company line while dems get all analytical? Me 2

more 2 come, but big message in MA tonight re real choices Glen

In CA with Barbara Boxer, she’s a fighter, I love her.

But now I’m convinced he’son some kind of epic bender to deal with the fact that he’s got to deal with these Republicans all over Capitol Hill, touching his things and flirting with his staffers and generally getting in his way:

blockquote>”Politico was wrong, Huffington Post was wrong, hell, all the pundits were wrong. Harry Reid isn’t just Dracula, he isn’t just Lazarus, he’s our Leader and our whole caucus is thrilled that he’s unbreakable and unbeatable.”

Whoever is letting him write his own shit, please, don’t ever make him stop.


4 thoughts on “My Boyfriend Needs To Put the Elitist Chardonnay Down

  1. So the new meme coming out of the right wing, starting with Rand Paul’s “we all either work for rich people or sell stuff to rich people” and ending with the continued claim that tax cuts to the richest 2% somehow trickle down on the rest of us, is just a modern form of feudalism, IMHO. So we’re all in service to the rich, is that what you’re saying? Maybe we can get jobs as maids and gardeners and laundry people, is that it?
    How come no one is talking about THAT, huh?
    I’m too sick (literally) to even think about writing about it. But I’m hearing the message over the airwaves framed in a bunch of different ways and I realize all I’m really hearing is, “stay in your place. Stay in your place. No upward mobility for YOU. Stay in your place.”
    So apparently THAT is what the Tea Party is all about. Service to the rich.

  2. Kerry needs some of what Zach Galifianakis is smoking. And Rand Paul needs to drink what’s left. Tell him it’s the rich people’s special Slurpee mix.

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