Malaka Of The Week: Scott Brown

I usually try not to pile on with the malaka of the week feature but this time it’s irresistible so it’s Senator Scott Brown’s turn to join the malakatude hall of shame. I suspect you’ve all heard that he went all“yo mama be ugly” on Elizabeth Warren:

At a Democratic primary debate this week, Warren was asked how she paid for college — in contrast to Brown having posed nude forCosmopolitan. “I kept my clothes on,” Warren replied. “I borrowed money.”

This morning, one of the hosts asked Brown: “Have you officially responded to Elizabeth Warren’s comment about how she didn’t take her clothes off?”

Brown began laughing lightheartedly, and gave his reply. “Thank God,” he said, with more laughter.

“That’s what I said!” the host responded. “Hey look, can you blame a good-looking guy for, for — you know.”

I must admit to being surprised by this gaffe. Previously, Brown has been very sure footed in navigating the treacherous shoals of being a Republican Senator in a blue state. It dents the aura of affability he’s had since his election and makes him look like anasty and immature frat boy.

Fatal or mere faux pas? I think it’s the latter BUT it shows that he’s nervous about going up against Ms. Warren, which, in turn, warms the cockles of my heart, whatever the hell cockles are…

Honorable mention to the creep in Doc’s postthis morning. You know, the jizz in a cup guy who dissed my people. Talk about terminal malakatude.

2 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Scott Brown

  1. Bonus points to Senator Cosmo for doubling down and claiming to be the real victim (“I didn’t go to Harvard.”)
    No…he went to Tufts and Boston College.
    Sort of like someone complaining that their trust fund has barely enough money to survive off the interest…

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