I’ve avoided the recent revival of 3-D movies like Mitt Haircut avoids the truth.Hugo is the first 3-D film I’ve seen wearing those stupid glasses. I still don’t care for the process: both Dr A and I had mild headaches and a bit of motion sickness at the end of the latest Scorsese opus BUT the 3-D effects were well done and not merely gratuitous. In short, they didn’t just throw shit at the audience and see how much of it stuck to your silly glasses…

More knowledgeable people than me, such as the great Roger Ebert, have pointed out how personal this film is to Marty. (Pronounced Maw-tee.) The director was a sickly kid who spent a lot of time looking out the window of his parents’ apartment and going to the movies. The eponymous character Hugo watches life transpire at a Paris train station and stumbles into some movie magic when he meets Georges Melies, one of the real life inventors of silent film.

The second half of Hugo is astonishing and I particularly liked it because it’s about early film history. I am a sucker for silent film history. It was a time when eccentrics and mavericks, and not corporations, made the movies. Scorsese weaves this history lesson into a story involving kids, washed up film folk and Sasha Baron Cohen as aflic who reminds me of Lionel Atwill’s handicapped cop character inSon Of Frankenstein.

Hugo is a great time at the movies, if the 3-D process doesn’t make you queasy this is an excellent use of it. If it does, either see it in 2-D, smoke some really strong weed or drop some dramamine. I give the film (what else?) 4 stars.

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  1. well, i had some cheap 3-d glasses from the 3rd rock from the sun 3-d show, which i tried for avatar. it seemed to have no affect. not for the tv show either. i just see 3-d better. pretty cool that i would never have to wear the glasses and no headache.

  2. “It was a time when eccentrics and mavericks, and not corporations, made the movies.”
    I remember when eccentrics and mavericks, and not corporations, made computer games. Sigh.

  3. Good to know that Hugo is worth the effort. I despise 3D movies, I really don’t see the point, and since I already wear glasses, the 3D glasses are really uncomfortable for me. But we may make an exception for this one.
    We saw “My Week With Marilyn” last week and it was really good.

  4. Mrs. captnkurt and I took our two boys (9 & 10) last weekend because the oldest loved the book upon which the movie is based so much, The Invention of Hugo Cabret. We saw the 2-D version since I, too, am not a big 3-D movie appreciator. We had a marvelous time, and I enjoyed the hell out of the last section as well, when we focus on Georges Melies’ film studio and his make-it-up-as-you-go-along special effects. I even got a little misty at the end, but I don’t want to give out spoilers… Definitely a recommend no matter what your age.
    By the way, if you’ve not read the book, click the link above for a preview. It’s over 500 pages, but it’s a very quick read from the hundreds of illustrations throughout the book. Beautiful.

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