Days of Whine and Roses


Once again one of our corporate overlords shows that his steeley, manly Galtain exteriorisn’t even facade deep, and underneath he’s just the most delicate of fair (if dead) flowers . Well, bless his little three-sizes-too-small-heart, especially given Mr. Cooperman hasn’t exactly cried out for fairness, decency, and civility following a generation of librul/left-smearing nicely summarized by theconcluding paragraph/update to this post, or, to cite a more contemporary reference, the fact that hundreds if not thousands of people in recent weeks have been insulted, beaten, maced, pepper sprayed and worse for the crime of peaceably assembling to demand a future more promising than bouncing from one minimum wage, part time job to the next. A future where English teachers aren’t derided as part time workers by assclowns who then turn around and call it the “Democrat” Party [sic].

Makes you wonder how they’d react if cops started pepper spraying securities fraud perpetrators, like insider traders (which I hear happens ALL THE TIME) or brokers who sell crap derivatives falsely rated as investment grade paper.

3 thoughts on “Days of Whine and Roses

  1. I can’t remember the last time I saw a cop pepper spray a meeting room full of insider traders and derivatives bunko artists. I’m sure it happens all the time, I just haven’t seen it.

  2. OkieBlue — that was some 7 am grammer/sentence structure — it’s the insider trading that happens all the time, not the pepper spraying…

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