Deep iCrime Wave Thought

We’ve all gotten used to seeing people doing remarkablystupid things with their smart phones. Criminals have noticed so the latest NOLA crime wave is a high tech variation on the old snatch and grab: there has been a wave of smart phone robberies/muggings in the last few months. Some of them have even happened in broad daylight on busy streets. I wondered if we were on the cutting edge of this trend but it seems to becommonplace in big cities around the globe.

So, the next time you’re walking down the street texting or tweeting just remember to pay attention so some bozo won’t snatch your device. In short, be smart when using your smart phone because muggers have the hots for the smarts:

2 thoughts on “Deep iCrime Wave Thought

  1. Transferring luxury goods to the free market. I like it.
    The black market is the only true capitalism in the world. Goods are offered, price is offered, a little negotiation and the deal is done. No high priced contracts, no lawyers, no police, no judges, no regulation or guarantees.
    Just pure unadulterated capitalism.
    Sure everything is stolen, but this market makes luxury goods available to the lowest Americans. This gives crooked politicians the chance to lie about how well the poor are doing.
    Capitalism is great.

  2. Yep, I was about to say that this is happening here in the SF Bay Area as well. As you pointed out, the solution is for people to simply look up from their devices and pay attention. Though seems that a lot of people have gotten into the habit of staring at their phone almost any time (texting, playing a game, checking email/FB) that this habit is really hard to break. I catch myself doing this very thing more often than I like.

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