Man on Man Penguin

ViaONTD, apparently our schools are now teaching Penguin Sex [Facebook link]:

Jeff’s 6yr old son came home with a somewhat controversial book about gay penguins. Should the school have had this book in the library for kids in kindergarten and first grade? Let Deminski & Doyle know your take on it now. 1-800-283-1015

The comments to this post are full of angry parents who have lots of opinions about what should be taught in school and what should be taught at home. Spelling and grammar, for instance, is clearly something these kids are not going to get around the dinner table. :

If my 6 yr old comes home with that book..!!! There will be trouble knocking at the school door …!!! They can barley read at that age … Let alone understand man on man penguin ..!!

I think it should be up to the parents to teach there young children about homosexuality the school has no right doing it n the teachera are not yr childrens parents . Its the bama minastration doing this .i have no problem with a person thats gay i have alot of gay friends but dont let schools teach it to yr kids it schould be the parents who tells there kids

There is a video i saw about was about the goverment doing what they want with your child and taking your rights away and you dont even know it. i dont see anything wrong with the book..however a newsletter home about “hey we now have alternative lifestyle section added to our library” would have been nice and if the parents dont want the kids in that section taking out books then a form shld be signed.

I think these folks could use a few more gay penguins in their lives.


4 thoughts on “Man on Man Penguin

  1. “I think these folks could use a few more gay penguins in their lives.”
    A. I love you!

  2. as somebody who witness cat male on male rape. i am pretty sure my at was being ‘raped’, maybe kids need to know more. (whiskers was boinked by upstairs neutered boy cat. whiskers did not look happy. WTF! eyes.
    of course, this is a book about animal gay love.

  3. “I think these folks could use a few more gay penguins in their lives.”
    And basic grammar and spelling lessons.

  4. There are books about animals who mate. Some animals are gay.
    … Why not take ALL the books about animals
    ‘Lifestyles’ out all together.

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