Quote of the day: I am not a witch edition

It comes from Christine O’Donnell who recently endorsed Mitt Haircut:

“That’s one of the things that I like about him — because he’s been consistent since he changed his mind.”

So, he’s consistent in his inconstancy or something like that? Jeez, I’ve really missed Christine…

5 thoughts on “Quote of the day: I am not a witch edition

  1. That quote is comedy gold.
    And says quite a bit about both CO’D and the Mittster.

  2. I guess COD’s statement meant that “once he jumped all over the board and finally landed where I wanted him, good!”
    And I’m sure Mrs. Gingrich #3 is convinced that Grandpa Gingrich has all that foolin’ around out of his system, and he’s now her “consistent” husband…
    (As a friend used to say “Serial behavior: it’s not just for breakfast anymore.” Kind of applies.)

  3. Yes, well Christ.O’Dumbbell was in favor of witchcraft before she was against it.
    So Mitt “dog on top” Romney is totally her guy. Plus, he probably bought her breakfast at Waffle House, and a girls gotta eat.

  4. What was that line in “When Harry Met Sally”…about “Auld Lang Syne” – (paraphrasing here – can’t find the exact quote)
    “So, a song about how we’re supposed to remember the folks we’ve forgotten…”
    Oh COD, you Devil!

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