8 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Beatles costume party, by far. Every guest had to dress as either a song title or song lyric. The hosts were artists and had a very creative group of friends. One pair built a two-person Yellow Submarine that was identical to the original. I went as Moscow Girl from “Back in the USSR.”

  2. I don’t really like parties. I can’t think of one that I didn’t dread attending and wasn’t relieved when I got home and got to take my shoes and bra off.

  3. Carbondale Halloween 1987. I got separated from my friends on day 1 and made new friends. John Cougar played on Main Street (I think). It was my introduction to the Midwest.
    I was a freshman from back east and went down to SIU in the back of a pickup truck from Chicago. I nearly froze and then realized I was almost in the South, despite having never left Illinois.

  4. I’m too much the introvert. I’ll go to a party and enjoy myself, but at a reasonable time I’ll go home (say around 9 PM)?

  5. Any party I ever attended at IU-Bloomington during the mid-70s and/or any Grateful Dad concert I ever attended. It’s sort of hard to pick out any one in particular…

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