5 thoughts on “South Carolina

  1. They’re not debates … they’re THREE-HOUR LINCOLN-DOUGLAS STYLE DEBATES(TM).
    But in all fairness, the corpses of Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas would both be better debate moderators than John King.

  2. I do not think it would be appropriate for the President of the United States to debate anyone who has clearly stated their opposition to the Constitution, the Republic, and the democratic process it establishes.
    The very idea is absurd.

  3. I’m still amazed that the “family values” folks haven’t brought a severe backlash at Gingrich insisting (in a tirade) that his marital fidelity isn’t an appropriate question.
    And also that the media would let him get away with brushing their question aside.
    Even without the accusation of the “open marriage” you’d think that serving divorce papers while the wife is drugged for cancer surgery would be in the people’s cross hairs. It is a strange moral relativism that says that this is A OK and that Cain’s sexual escapades aren’t. (Oddly, as a lad in Church 40 years ago I remember the minister decrying the situation ethics and moral relativism that were leading the country to hell in a handbasket. Hey, but we can make it all right by wrapping ourselves in the flag and singing “God Bless America.”)
    And the hypocrisy of calling for a civil debate when he has done so much to make politics the rankorous (is that a word?) place that it has become.

  4. Specific to the link to the graph, Romney is the close 2nd place in all the contests so far. Each one has had a different 1st place. At the final vote, that means that Romney wins. Each of the others are regional favorites but the prez is the prez for ALL America (including those that didn’t vote for him or her).
    Or it really looks to me like a bunch of ladies trying on different outfits. Each outfit is the favorite for a short period, but gets discarded when the next outfit is tried on. (Sorry for the sexist connotations, but I’ve witnessed this so many times. Kind of like the stand up comedy routine on the difference between the sexes – Guys grab the first shirt they can put their hands on. Ladies go to the bathroom together. If a man invited me to the bathroom I’d look at him rather askance. etc.)

  5. Interesting, maple street. Had it occurred to you why women would want the protection of numbers when going to the bathroom? Are you aware that women are criticized unmercifully for the way they look and it could very well be that this might influence the effort they put in to their appearance?
    The difference between the sexes in your comedy routine gets a lot less funny when you spend six seconds thinking.

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