Friday Ferretblogging

I bought this ugly yellow coat last year, because it was warm and on sale, and during last year’s brutal winter it was more important to be warm than to look good. Jude saw me in it at one point and said, “You have murdered Big Bird and taken his powers.” In the fake-fur hood, I can’t see a thing and I look like a stuffed animal.

Or a particularly successful Muppet-hunter.

The one cold day we had this week I hauled it out and left it hanging on the back of the dining room chair, and this morning I came into the room and found this:


It looks much more fetching on her.


3 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. fake fur or chinese dog? i never risk it, but then i layer. a windbreaker + lots of layers of long underwear keep me warm, tho, if i had to say out longer????
    who DOES look human in winter?

  2. When I came by and quickly glanced at the picture I thought some sort of animal birthing process, not necessarily non-human, was taking place. I’ma lil sick.

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