If You’re Losing Anyway, Take Everyone Out With You

Or as the kids call it these days, the Republican party.

I am starting to love Mitt Romney a little bit:

The Romney camp is also running a new radio ad in Florida that ties Obama to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. The pettiness and irrelevance of attacks like these risk generating more media questions about whether Romney has run out of arguments and believes he’s losing the race.

Meanwhile, the Ohio press continues to pound Romney for the centerpiece of this Kamikaze strategy: His false claims about the auto-bailout and Jeep supposedly moving American jobs to China. Dems are circulating this scorching editorial in the Youngstown Vindicator that hits Romney’s Jeep lie as an “insult to Ohians” and bluntly states that Romney is “no friend of the auto in­dus­try, on which Ohio re­lies for one of ev­ery eight jobs.” Another hard-hitting editorial in the Toledo Blade blasts Romney for an “ex­er­cise in de­cep­tion about auto-in­dus­try is­sues that is re­mark­able even by the stan­dards of his cam­paign.”

I have to admire the sheer vindictive-bastard-ness of it. He’s gonna burn the whole goddamn thing down, just because fuck it. Because his GOP masters — those who’ve tried without fail to stop him chewing on shoe leather every time he opens his cakehole — have never liked him, and he’s never liked them, and they were never behind him, not really, and it showed, so he’s gonna make them pay. He’s gonna ruin this party. He’s gonna crash the campaign bus, douse the place with gasoline, and salt the scorched earth. And then he’s gonna nuke the site from orbit just to be sure.

And if it leaves the GOP crippled and toxic, as irrelevant as a pair of kid gloves at a monster truck show, what does he care? He’s fuckin’ done. It’s over. His political career is dead. In the past he’s had to be nice because he’s going to run again, but this time he’s beholden to nothing and no one. The best he can hope for out of the party in the future is an ambassadorship someplace warm, but he has a squillion dollars and can buy himself an island, so who gives a fuck?

Run ads comparing Obama to Che. Make shit up every time he opens his mouth. Say one thing for months on the trail and another in the debate. Declare disaster relief immoral and then hold a disaster relief event that doesn’t one bit relieve disasters. Do it all, motherfucker, this place about to blow. If the party elders had any brains at all, they’d have looked at his nasty grin and his dead little eyes months ago and realized that when it’s all over the stories he puts out are going to make McCain-Palin look like a lovefest so be careful. He owes the party exactly jack shit, and he doesn’t need them anymore.

And we’ve all seen what Mitt Romney does to people he doesn’t need.


2 thoughts on “If You’re Losing Anyway, Take Everyone Out With You

  1. Funny how they’re not running an ad of our allies in Europe and the mid-East voicing their support of Obama. Like a month or so ago when Netanyahu voiced that Obama had been very good to work with. Nor do they run a commercial of how Romney’s European tour managed to embarass and alienate our allies.
    As a stray thought, looking at Romney and bailouts (such as Auto, FEMA, etc.), Romney as buying distressed companies to grind them into the ground and extract any remaining capital, and the unrest with the Euro. (And the fact that Romney wouldn’t even use USA funds to help the USA). While we obviously aren’t part of the Euro but we are part of G8 etc.
    I wonder if those within the Euro countries are looking at Romney – wondering if Romney wouldn’t try to pull a venture capital / hostile takeover. Just as bad if he wouldn’t look at them and wave bye-bye without lifting a finger to launch the lifeboats. Of course, the Euro sinking would drop the world financial markets leading to poorer conditions world wide. A boon to venture capital type folks (attributed to several peoplle “the best time to make money is when the blood is running in the streets).

  2. I’m still confused / unsure.
    I can see your picture of a Gotterdamerung fueled by a vindictive spite.
    But when I look at Romney, especially in the past couple of weeks, his dirty tricks seem somewhat amateurish when compared to the art form of the repubs.
    I keep looking at the repub skills at swiftboating from Nixon to the present and I see a group that is extremely good at character assasination and other dirty tricks. I see a group that has learned to manipulate parlimentary proceedure to the point of a fine art. I see a group that manages to pull these dirty tricks while convincing their base that it is the dems doing it.
    As an alternate, although one I’m not standing behind as I’m still confused, I almoost wonder if the Che-Castro etc. commercial isn’t an attempt to lay the ground for more obstructionism for the next 4 years. All the people who are loosing it (appear to be decompensating) because Obama isn’t a Christian nor a real American… now is associated with Castro / Che / Chavez. (and I look at how far they are stretching to find something – Marx’s 5th cousin’s babysitters granddaughter would vote for Obama).

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