Malakas Of The Week: Commenters On The Gibson-Eszterhas Mishigas

Remember the last time Mel Gibson was in the news for something good? Me neither. Hollywood’s leading deranged bigot is baaaack and feuding with creepyShow Girls/Basic Instinctscreenwriter Joe Eszterhas. In a 9 page epistle, Eszterhas blisters Gibson for his anti-semitic malakatude and lunatic fringiness as to the writer’s screenplay for a film aboutthe Macabees. The script was rejected and Eszterhas says Gibson never intended to make the story of the Macabees and that the whole thing was a sham to prove that Mel is kosher or some such shit. In my opinion, letting Mel Gibson direct a film about the Jewish heroes is tantamount to having David Duke direct a remake ofGlory.End of exposition.

The Wrapbroke the story and has attracted some commenters that led me to borrow Tommy T’s hazmat suit in a brief journey into wingnutty malakatude of the highest (lowest?) order. I’m only going to quote a few comments but the gist of many of them is that it’s all Obama’s fault. Isn’t everything?


If Ezterhas is another cloying sanctimonious do-as-I-say windbag Hollywood liberal — like he seems to be from his “credentials” and pontificating big mouth — then as such, he doesn’t know kosher from beef stroganoff or bacon double cheeseburger.

All the “pareve” in the world isn’t an antidote for the warped and godless, hypocritical, depraved, up-is-down, bigoted, deliberately ignorant mindset of liberalism.

Me, I don’t mind being called depraved by a birdy brain. I do, however, resent being called deliberately ignorant. It’s strictly an accident, Mr. Anonymous Malaka. What’s your excuse?

Okay one more and there are 700 and counting and 75% of them are like this one:


Bob, you beat me to it-was going to say the same. Perhaps Ezterhas and the rest of the “Holly-woodheads” need to pay attention to Obama, who REALLY hates Israel. Maybe they will wake up, and realize they are just used by Obama for raising cash and they think he ‘likes them, he really likes them…Not”-He likes his fellow brethern Muslims, period.

This pinhead (I’m taking the word back from Bill-O, ya’ll) is a triple threat: he cannot spell, he cannot punctuate and he cannot think. That’s why he and his fellow commenters (commentals?) are malakas of the week. I only wish they’d crawl back under the woodpile and take the true King of “Holly-woodheads,” Mel Gibson, with them. Go paint your face blue and eat haggis, motherfucker…

End of my hommage to Tommy T. Rock on, dude.

Speaking of crawling under something, here’s a bit of Richard Thompson to wash the foul taste of the malakatudinous commenters out of your mouths:

4 thoughts on “Malakas Of The Week: Commenters On The Gibson-Eszterhas Mishigas

  1. I read a couple of pages of those comments last night and I kept wondering when I was going to get to some positive ones. It was very strange.
    Excellent choice for MOTW.

  2. I’m not that familiar with the usual level of things on The Wrap. I take it, from what you say, that they aren’t too far away from the Freepers – amd the comments I see aren’t too far away from the Freeper.
    What really gets me though, is that even the comments on standard news outlets can so quickly degrade to the same level. Similarly, it isn’t rare that a story will get a totally tangential (no, that should be fabricated) link to the evils of Obama. While the comments could be a wonderful chance to foster conversation, it seems like certain groups will grab a thread and have an explosion of hateful comments (also, no need to try to say something different as you’ll just be shouted down / verbally attacked).
    Admittedly, I’m a little upset today by 3 stories on my local TV. The first is that a local Chiropractor won a million on the lottery. It is amazing at how many folks are commenting on how the lottery is rigged for the rich. Not only ignoring stories about previous winners who are on the lower side of the economic scale (For the county, median household income was 26,677 for 2000. Note that there are 2 colleges in town which I expect skew the economic stats due to professors getting some sort of professional wage) but also were strongly vocal both against OWS and other “class warfare” and also any actions against taxing the rich. And most ludicrous decrying the lottery as rigged but not seeing the taxation system as being rigged (whether intentionally or the result of political stew mixing together all sorts of dissonant ideas). Disclaimer – politically, I see the lottery as a tax on those who failed math. Also lived in SC when Sanford (BTW – a far right conservative who slept in his Washington DC office to save the taxpayers for hotel bills and also is the scion of a family built on SC coastal plantation life. Best remembered by hiking the Appalachian Trail to visit a mistress in Argentina) Not a lot he and I have in common) called gambling revenues as the “crack cocaine” of tax revenues (can’t remember whether lottery or other forms of gambling.). I wish I could claim credit for either of these quotes or at least remember where the first one came from.
    Even worse, though I would say from the times I visited Des Moines, Ames, and Dubuque, there were both a story of a guy in Cedar Rapids taking pictures of ladies in the restroom and the police having a fairly large prostitution sting in Iowa City / Coralville. Both have some of the worst comments you could imagine. The first story started with someone asking if a guy couldn’t have a little fun. The prostitution sting had pages basically claiming this as a victimless crime and don’t the police have something better to do.
    Because of a long line showing that this is NOT the exception, I am getting to the point that I wonder if the newspapers should just turn off the comments feature (yeah, I realize that they get paid for people seeing the ads on their pages and that the more controversial the more people will keep looking and re-looking at the story and comments – raising revenue for the news outlet.) But also thinking of all the trash talking and posts coming close to arranging for a fight / shoot out at high noon on the town square, I wonder if the news media will feel any responsibility if their comment feature should be shown to be a significant factor in inciting violence.

  3. @Maple Street: Actually your comments apply to The Wrap, which is an entertainment oriented online publication. The fact that they sound so much like Freepers is eerie to me as well.

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