A Chinese company is marketing-get ready-Helen Keller sunglasses:

Deliberate irony or innocuous oversight? Neither, apparently. A Chinese company now marketing Hellen Keller-brand sunglasses said it found inspiration in Keller’s personal traits (rather than her blindness), the Wall StreetJournalreports.

Still, though, it’s a bold (and perhaps questionable) move, especially considering the company’s motto: “You see the world, the world sees you.” While some might have guessed that the firm chose to brand the product without understanding the full implications, Keller’s actually a widely-known figure in China, discussed in classrooms across the country.

Chen Wenjing, one of the company’s spokespeople, told theJournal the team was aware of Keller’s blindness, but valued her traditions of philanthropy and optimism, thus celebrating those traits over her inability to see.

What’s next? Ron Kovic sneakers? A Chinese produced line of Dick Cheney pacemakers would be interesting…

This is, of course, an excuse to post some Talking Heads: