Friday Catblogging: Shop Cat Wannabe

I’m finally settling in to a routine at the new shop and I’m online on work days again. I was experiencing serious withdrawak symptoms; not as bad as the wine handgover after the grand opening.

Anyway, a wee gray and white kitty showed up on Wednesday, demanding entry. I’m pretty sure that she’s someone’s cat since she’s so friendly (much friendlier than Della) so I’m not letting her come inside.

Shop Cat Wannabe

6 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Shop Cat Wannabe

  1. Adrastos, you never know if she’s got a home – I’ve seen animals that were born and lived on the streets and just hunger to be housepets, something they’ve never experienced.
    If she’ll not only let you pick her up, but seems to enjoy it, you might just take her to a vet clinic and see if she’s microchipped.
    We’re also about to come into mosquito season, which is dangerous for strays heartworm-wise; dogs can be treated reasonably effectively for heartworm but cats cannot. Plus there is a factor I hate to even mention, but it involves the #1 threat to strays, and a stray that doesn’t know the difference between kindly Adrastos and someone that might do her harm is actually a danger to herself. Not to bum you out, but it’s not the fraidy or unfriendly cats who fall into the hands of people who would do them harm. It’s the friendly ones.
    Sure you don’t need a shop cat? I bet she’d pay for herself in the first week with cat lovers who come in the shop and are charmed by both the animal and her kindly owner.

    *mushes face into kittyfur*
    (Can you tell I’ve been away from my beasties for a bit? I’m so starved for animal contact I’m snatching kids’ stuffed animals from their strollers.)

  3. I just want to echo what Kevin said. Honestly, that kitty doesn’t look like someone’s kitty to me–she looks a little rough. She might have been someone’s kitty at one time and that is why she is so friendly. Let her in…

  4. Kitty has not come back today. She is a bit dirty but not as rough as many of y’all think. She’s that rare breed if cat who likes rolling around in the dirt.
    We also have a shop dog two days a week and I’m not sure what her position on felines is.

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