Holding America Hostage

There’s about six things going on here.

1. If you are a dumbass, STAY THE FUCK OFF TWITTER. AND FACEBOOK. AND EVERYWHERE. Use the Internet for what your fellow stupids use it for, which is watching pornos and ordering dog beds on Amazon and that kind of shit. Don’t use it to say the same butt-ass ignorant crap you say at the family barbecue.

2. I would pay cash money to have this guy tell me exactly which Young Black Thug is holding him hostage. Even money he is lumping “black men cast as criminals on CSI” and “that black fellow who cut me off in traffic” and “group of young men who had the temerity to stand near one another at an intersection” and creating in his head a whole scenario where he’s under siege.

3. This:

In another tweet about the Republican presidential primaries in March, Traina wrote, “I grew up in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana – I am a Wallace Man at Heart!”

Where you grew up IS NOT YOUR PERSONALITY. Nor is your ethnic background an excuse to be a bag of fucks. Plenty of people managed to grow up in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana, and not be “Wallace men.”

4. How exactly does the Trayvon Martin case prove that “black people need to stop shooting each other?”

5. Your name appears next to your Tweets. Why are you signing them with your full name?

6. Oh my FUCKING GOD, you know what this guy needs more of? This:


He needs more of this and less of seeking out ideas of ethnic war.


7 thoughts on “Holding America Hostage

  1. 5. Your name appears next to your Tweets. Why are you signing them with your full name?
    Because, as mentioned in point 1, he’s stupid? At least with the advent of Facebook tracking your every move and associating everything with your real identity, people have stopped trying to say stupid things anonymously, so we can avoid/prosecute them in the real world.

  2. At some point, there is question if his personal beliefs make him unable to fulfill his job.
    I once saw where someone suggested the first question you ask your therapist is who they see for therapy. The idea is that the psych major / Masters / etc. often attracts people trying to figure themselves out (not to mention that psychiatrists have a high suicide rate). So is the therapist working positively on their life or letting problems ferment.
    In one of the local colleges, there is a student counselor whose facebook accounts is reposting (and making macho comments) about videos where someone is beating someone else up. It is also interesting that he has a post with the ever popular – we need to stop celebrating our differences and instead our similarities. This despite the fact that he organizes the local celtic games (can’t remember if Irish or Scott).

  3. Another issue – at some point, someone is gonna sue someone for slander/libel and the facebook posts and tweets are gonna be awful good evidence.
    I often wonder, on reading the comments on the TV News page, how long till someone’s comments incite violence (Will the disclaimer that all posts belong to the posters and please keep it civil remove any liability from the station?) or cross the bar for slander/libel/defamation/etc.

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