Further Adventures In Social Media; or, We Just Can’t Be Educated

Instead of engaging these dopes, I think I’m just going to have this. ALL OF THIS.

Well, I’m back for one more pre-election go with Adventures In Social Media. Please kill me now. Anyway, today I bring up an acquaintance from high school, who gives us the following:

I just stopped at this point.

Folks, that guy is under the impression that he was right. If there are any of you out there who think that this world can actually see a riot that “upholds violence,” please–take a few minutes to say goodbye to your family and friends, then swallow your cyanide pill.

And the hell of it is, I didn’t even bring up the RACIST AS FUCK underlying assumption. Hmmm…what could it possibly be about Obama supporters that would make these crackers think that they’re more prone to mindless violence. What could it be? What could they be assuming?

You know what they’re assuming–the same thing white folks have been assuming for almost half a millennium in this fucked-up part of the world. They assume that BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT RATIONAL HUMANS. Period. End of story. End of fucking story. That’s been a constant trope for centuries now: the wild savage blood, the jungle lust, the frantic dancing and trance-like states of The Negro mean that they’re not nearly as intellectually advanced as us calm white folks. These people are so familiar with it they don’t even recognize it. You know, like how a fish is unaware of water. But the unstated assumption is just hanging there for anyone with eyes to see.

I didn’t even call them out, because they would instantly deny that they could ever think such a thing, and then I’d hear a chorus of how I’m the real racist because I think they’re racist, and I’d blow my fucking brains out.

So thus ends my pre-election jaunt through social media. It’s done a good job of convincing me that education is a lost cause. If you need me, I’ll be over by the liquor cabinet.

5 thoughts on “Further Adventures In Social Media; or, We Just Can’t Be Educated

  1. Riots from Obama supporters????
    What about all the demonstrations in Florida in the hanging chad debacle? Oh, that’s right. The leftist liberal Michael Moore made a movie about it and showed a picture of those involved and they were leading repubs from out of state.
    And if we’re gonna look for people planning violent disruption, shouldn’t we look at the people who are buying guns and ammo? And shouldn’t we look at the groups identified as potential hazards (like the govt report that identified white groups)?
    Either way, somehow I doubt you’ll get your apology.

  2. Oh hon, I was on the Louisiana Gulf coast last election day, and don’t you know all the talk was how the blacks were going to riot and loot and carjack and rape? That’s why my cousin’s son told my uncle at breakfast the next day that his roommate was going out to buy an AK-47 so he could defend himself.
    And I personally know at least three old white men who are still convinced that Obama’s going to take their guns away. I guess that’s why they have so many of them.
    Louisiana is my home, and I love Louisiana, but dear lord, I’m beginning to suspect that upwards of 80% or more of the white population is just crazy.

  3. I like how he’s all DON’T CALL PEOPLE NAMES RETARD.
    I think that’s my favorite part.

  4. So in that universe, the “Brooks Brothers Riot” never happened, huh? Interesting.

  5. Well, at lunch today, I was treated to a nearby person speaking on their cell phone – telling the other person that 2 black panthers etc. etc. She wasn’t referring to the joke picture making the rounds on facebook either. To make it totally silly, I’m in northern MO which is white as white can be.
    Now that CNN is predicting for Obama. McCaskill is wiping the floor with Akin (something like 50% to 40%). I look at FR and quickly see “We tried the soap box, Then the ballot box, Then the judicial box, And then a last try at the ballot box. All that is left is an ammo box…”

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