Stay classy, Montana GOP


Oh, those zany Big Sky state birthers:

There was less laughter — although plenty of picture-taking — of an outhouse labeled “Obama Presidential Library” parked outside Missoula’s Hilton Garden Inn, where the convention took place.

Nothing on the outhouse indicated who was responsible for it, although it made an appearance in the Memorial Day parade in Corvallis in Ravalli County.

The outhouse was painted to look as though it had been riddled by bullets.

Inside, a fake birth certificate for Barack Hussein Obama made reference to the disproven controversy over the president’s origins. It was stamped “Bull—-.” A graffito advised “For a Good Time call 800-Michelle (crossed out), Hillary (crossed out) and Pelosi (circled in red.)”

State GOP Chairman Will Deschamps of Missoula said he didn’t know who’d brought the outhouse, but dismissed it as “a sideshow.” “It’s not something I’m going to agonize over,” he said. “Some of that stuff is not real good taste. We do have a president of the United States, and we have to honor that.”

Well, at least they didn’t have watermelon rinds and chicken bones inside the outhouse. Using wingnut logic that proves it’s not racist, right? Hey, at least they recognize the hotness of FLOTUS…

Guess I’ll have to give up my plan to move to Montana (Montany to Gus McCrae ofLonesome Dove fame) to be a dental floss tycoon. I’m probably too old anyhoo:

Btw, this is the *first* time I’ve seen this clip from theRoxy & Elsewhere recording/filming. There’s a lot of tuning to begin with but it’s worth waiting for.

6 thoughts on “Stay classy, Montana GOP

  1. Montana is the BIG Sky state, not BLUE Sky, but other than that, your assessment is correct

  2. Nothing on the outhouse indicated who was responsible for it, except for the truck it was hitched to, with the license plate clearly visible, and a lookup possible should anyone give that much of a fuck about some wingnut “joke.”

  3. Cries out for another sign reading:
    “George W. Bush Library in Basement”

  4. Just another instance. The liberals think and campaign on logical discourse. The right behaves as a bunch of *)&)(()&) – campaigning on character assasination and deligitimizing their opponent.
    Isn’t even limited to slandering the dems. For example, think of robo calls in SC made for Bush against McCain implying that McCain had a child with a black woman (for that matter, also using racism in the 21st century).

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