A Country of Assholes Part 312

Boy are we ever:

Selective Enforcement
“The Quinn administration is gearing up to hire a company to check the eligibility of Medicaid patients, a key part of a plan to cut $1.6 billion a year from the health insurance program for the poor,”Crain’sreports.

Also, neither the Quinn nor Emanuel administrations are hiring companies to check the eligibility of tax subsidy and TIF recipients. They already know most don’t qualify.


2 thoughts on “A Country of Assholes Part 312

  1. Reminds me of a scene from “Wild Bill” (1995):
    Charley Price: This town reminds me of something from the Bible.
    James Butler ‘Wild Bill’ Hickok: Which part?
    Charley Price: The part right before God gets angry …

  2. Second paragraph says it all. Make the poor prove their eligibility but free those with money from the obligation. Worst is that the total cost of fraud from the poor is likely a drop in the bucket to fraud from those at the top of the pyramid.

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