Goodbye Rubio Tuesday

The national political press corps has been easy on the Romney campaign. Why? They lean right nowadays plus it’s a better story if the election is close but yesterday’s Rubio fest was so ineptly handled that they had to whap Mitt’s minions upside the head.

Romney’s handlers spent the whole day stepping on their collective dicks with the whole Rubio isn’t being vetted for Veep thing. Then the big dick tried to tamp down the story by saying only two people knew who was being seriously vetted. Really? Sounds not only implausible but impossible. Does Mitt expect us to believe that low level lackeys aren’t googling Rubio’s name to see what pops up publicly? It’s what happens when you lie constantly and get away with it: you keep on doing it. Way to go, MSM.

Rubio effectively eliminated himself with the way he handled the whole immigration curveball that was thrown at the GOP by the President. Rubio sounded like a pouty 9 year old when he whined about the White House not calling him about the mini-Dream Act. As if it’s customary for any President to consult with a freshman Senator from the other party; especially one who’s a teanut favorite. Way to go, Marco.

I would, however, like to thank the Romney camp for messing up on the right day so that I could use this post title. Way to go, Romneyites.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye Rubio Tuesday

  1. Well Jay, you might have to start getting use to it, the Romney Campaign will continue to lie without any repercussions from the “Liberal Media”, and this will be all the uniformed voters will need. I have a friend who sends me the RNC/Heritage Foundation mass emails…Obama bad…anyone else is a true American. One of them actually said that Mitt Romney gave every penny of his inheritance away, did not keeo a dime of it. I also have been reading comment threads on the right leaning blogs, an there is no doubt that these people see Obama as a communist, one of them recently was the story of the meeting at the Wahsington restaurant (The Causcus) where 10 or 12 congressman plus gingrich anf Frank Luntz strategized on how they would stop Obama, using the secret senate no vote, fillibusters…constant blaming of all problems on his admin…etc. And if you do not know about this, the meeting took place on the night of his inaguaration. anyway, the comments had a pretty common theme, which was, if this is true, then I support them, becasue they saved our country from becoming a communist dictatorship.
    Not much more to say

  2. Does anyone else notice the constant refrain from Romney? He doesn’t have to explain himself to the little people.
    Why should people worry about who he is or isn’t vetting for the VP slot? Romney is The Man In Charge, so whoever he picks will be the best person for the job, because. Just let the adults go off into their quiet rooms to make the important decisions.
    I can’t imagine a world where he is President.

  3. And… Why are the MSM and bloggers also being so mute on Scott Brown trying to muzzle Vickie Kennedy’s First Amendment right to free speech by demanding that she pledge to not endorse any candidate in the MA Senate race.
    “You’re hurting the recovery, Man.!

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