I was watching MSNBC last evening and Laurence O’Donnell ran a clip that nearly made me fall out of my chair in disbelief. It was an exchange between Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity about taxes:

That’s right: Ann Coulter, of all people, urges a pragmatic approach to the non-existent fiscal cliff, which is really more of a slope or a curb. Dim bulb Hannity states that conservatives must “stand firm” on principle in dealing with the Dems whereas the artist formerly known as Coultergeist quite correctly asks, “What principle?”

I’m not sure if hell froze over, pigs flew or <insert your own phrase> but I was gobsmacked. It took crazy Ann Coulter to note that Hannity’s “principle” involved raising taxes on 98% of the people. Ninety-fucking-eight percent. That’s a lot, y’all.

I’m not sure how long this deathbed conversion will last but it does reflect that the times they are indeed a changin’:

Yeah, I know Bryan Ferry is an arch-Tory but he’s a helluva interpreter of Dylan’s oeuvre.

5 thoughts on “Gobsmacked

  1. What’s the saying? Something like “I’m sure Ann Coulter will survive her temporary bout with sanity and come out batshit crazy as ever at some point.”
    But yeah, that she’s the saner (or sanest) wingnut on the panel is…odd.

  2. Coulter is one of the few conservative personalities that has an earned college degree. According to Wiki, Hannity “dropped out” of both New York University and Adelphi (To use the Eric Cartman imitates the conservatives approach which certain conservative personalities use a lot: Is that a nice way of saying something more perjorative in his scholaastic career? I don’t know. I’m just asking a question. Isn’t it nice how just asking a question, including putting a few words in quotes, followed by a disclaimer can demonize someone.).
    Like you, I’m still surprised as she is the first Faux News type I’ve heard voice the pragmatic along with the fact that they lost the election.

  3. She’s been out of the headlines for a long, long time. I think this comes under the heading “even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in awhile.”

  4. I dunno, I keep reading that Hannity’s ratings are sliding south, with that and the election results maybe it’s just another case of rats abandoning the sinking ship. I mean, Coulter has no principles either. She’s just first to reach the “acceptance” stage of post-electoral grief.

  5. of course, she thinks when it is all said and done, it will bring upon amerika a new ronald reagan + conservatism will once again be like they believe is right.

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