Sweaty and Cranky

The only thing worse than evacuating and getting clusterfucked by traffic is sitting around, waiting for the power company. Most of the city is without power and Entergy is without energy in fixing the problem. The good news is that Dr A hasn’t whapped me upside the head with a skillet. Yet.

Oscar and Della are hanging in there. He’s unflappable but she’s seriously flapped y’all. The sound of ice cascading into a cooler sent her flying this morning.

The utility company has a map ostensibly showing who has power and who doesn’t but its for show as far as I can tell. It listed our place as having power but it should be listed as an oven with 10 foot ceilings.

I’m writing this again from Dr A’s office at LSU. Yesterday we brought our friends Greg and Christy here to luxuriate in the air dish. It almost turned into a group snoozefest since it’s very hard to sleep when it’s NOLA hot inside. Actually, it’s *much* hotter inside than outside. So it goes.

I’m beginning to understand why people only lived to be 50 or so back in the day. The heat sucks the life out of you and getting pissed off doesn’t help either.

We’re probably doing a tour of friends who have power today. Get ready, Craig and Kimmie; Herb and Ann. Nobody, however, seems to have cable or internet though. Guess that qualifies as 21st Century suffering…

5 thoughts on “Sweaty and Cranky

  1. Sending powered-back-up-today vibes. Cool rags on the back of your necks will help. Keep the fuzzballs hydrated.

  2. I hope you get power soon (along with the rest of NOLA). After being without power for 6 days during a hurricane (Erin or Opal, I can’t remember) we got a generator and during Ivan we spent $100 for a window air conditioner.
    I later found out that there is nothing “vital” in our neighborhood, (substation, lift station, feeder lines) so we were way down on the priority list. I also learned that if there is any obstacle to restoration, like downed trees, they’ll move on to the next priority on the list. There is a method to the madness, but if you’re the one suffering the sweaty madness it doesn’t matter.
    I remember during that 6 day stretch without power I was thinking (jokingly) of offering sexual favors and beer for restored power. Desperate times.

  3. I hope you get power back sooner than later. I think the utility needs better plans for disasters and keeping power going or restoring it.

  4. My favorite NOLA facebook comment on the situation was K Gadbois, “Who do I surrender to?”

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