Even Netanyahu Is Like, ‘Leave Me Out of Your Crazyfest 2012 Shenanigans’

He ain’t having it:

Critics have suggested that Netanyahu is pushing the Obama administration to give Iran an ultimatum now out of fear that his leverage will disappear after Election Day. Others have suggested Netanyahu, whose relationship with Romney goes back to the Boston Consulting Group in 1970s, is trying to tip the scales for the Republican nominee. Netanyahu vigorously disputed such charges Sunday. He said he believes Obama and Romney are both committed to preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and that support for Israel in the U.S. is bipartisan.

“I have no doubt that they’re equally committed to preventing that,” he said.

Despite Netanyahu’s assertions, Romney has made the complicated relationship between the United States and Israel a major issue in his campaign. Netanyahu distanced himself from the Republican nominee’s charges that Obama is not sufficiently pro-Israel.

“No, there you go again, David, you’re trying to draw me into something that is simply not the case, and it’s not my position,” Netanyahu said. “So there’s no bus. And we’re not going to get into that discussion, except to say one thing. We have a strong alliance, and we’re going to continue to have a strong alliance. I think the important question is where does the — the only bus that is really important is the Iranian nuclear bus. That’s the one that we have to derail. And that’s my interest, and that’s my only interest.”

Surely there’s some way this is exclusively good for Republicans, but watching Romney flail around on the international stage, Bibi had to be all, “oh fuck NO we do not need this guy, things are volatile enough.”


2 thoughts on “Even Netanyahu Is Like, ‘Leave Me Out of Your Crazyfest 2012 Shenanigans’

  1. Yes, it’s devastating to Obama. Right now he’s only got 75% of the Jewish vote in the US. He’ll have to pull up his socks if he wants to improve that!

  2. From my memory, I hardly remember Netanyahu as being a moderate Dove flying an olive branch around. I don’t seem to remember him being afraid to interject himself into the USA elections (albeit usually by way of American pro-Israel lobbying groups). So what possibilities can explain this development.
    1) As you state, he looks at Romney and decides that Romney would surely plunge the region into war.
    I feel for Israel and can understand a lot of their paranoia (although I fail to have empathy with the way both Israel and the Arab countries continue to opporess the Palestinians with Israel making moves that seem designed to guarantee violence.)
    Arab nations are right next door – and Arab Spring has left Egypt and other neighbors in an unstable political – dare I call it civil war? Syria is right next door.
    Israel is small, something like 30 miles wide by maybe 3 times longer. A single nuke could take out the entire country. For a jet to move from one airfield to another the jet has to take out over the Med and circle back (or it would probably be almost as easy to comically taxi down the highway).
    2) Netanyahu sees a strong possibility that Obama will be elected and doesn’t want to sour relations.
    3) he see Romney as an idiot. Like an online poster I saw says, McCain had the choice of Romney and Palin as BP candidates and he picked Palin.
    etc. Can’t think of any good news for Romney out of this. Definitely limits Romney’s ability to yell the old Repub slogan that the dems are anti-Israel.

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