Breaking: Mittbot Wants To Fire Big Bird

Yeah, I know it’s not breaking news that the Mittbot likes to fire people but Muppets? Who would even consider shitcanningBig Bird?

Hope the Obama campaign dresses some dude up like Big Bird and sends them to stalk Mitt like this Clintonite chicken that followed Poppy Bush on the trail in 1992:

Chicken george

Time for some Mitt/Muppet psychedelia:


Via the Guardian.

6 thoughts on “Breaking: Mittbot Wants To Fire Big Bird

  1. Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson made an announcement last night that PBS gets 0.012% of the budget. And that balancing the budget by deleting that was like making more space on your 500G Hard Drive by deleting text files.
    Of course, no mention was made last night of the vast improvement in having children enter kindergarten with a working knowledge of the alphabet and numbers. Just thing of the vast economic benefit we have derived from just one program as children watch Sesame Street at home and are ready to learn. (How much would it cost to do it some other way???)
    Persomally, I’ve never understood why the far right hates PBS so much. Why did Romney single them out? Eleminating them won’t change the budget appreciably. IT ISN’T THAT THEY ARE BANKRUPTING THE NATION. INSTEAD IT IS USING AN ADVANTAGEOUS MOMENT TO DO WHAT THEY HAVE TRIED TO DO MULTIPLE TIMES ALREADY.
    And why did Romney talk about getting rid of Big Bird and not getting rid of PBS? Makes him sound like a bully holding up a girl’s doll and threatening to decapitate it.

  2. @MapleStreet:This was flying around the Twitters last night. I give PBS credit for doing a better job of dopeslapping than a lot of Democratic candidates are capable of.

  3. Someone needs to put Big Bird in a cage and strap it to the roof of a car; and follow Mitt’s campaign around.

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