2 thoughts on “Ryan Confidential

  1. CNN reporting that unemployment is down below 8%. Repubs claiming that Obama cooked the books for the election. Romney says the drop isn’t enough.
    But if Obama cooked the books, why didn’t he do so and release the data on the day of the debate? Sure would have taken a lot of wind out of Romney’s sails.
    And does Romney think that he is disagreeing with Obama when saying the drop in unemployment isn’t enough? Does he think that Obama wouldnb’t agree? For that matter, all along Obama has been saying the numbers, while showing an improvement in the economy, aren’t as robust as he would like.
    1) Obviously Obama is incompetent as show by Obama not releasing these numbers (and for not cooking the books to get even a lower number) on the day of the debate. Likewise for Obama steering the Hurricaine to disrupt the GOP convention as he missed Tampa.
    2) In the next debate, Obama should open a question with “I find the Hansel & Gretel type cooking of children to be abhorrent. With the obvious implication that Romney doesn’t.

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