1. The idea of the comment is good, but Senator Joe Biden DID vote for the Iraq war.

  2. At the time of the Invasion of Iraq, the nation was on edge about Terror! Terror! Terror!. While I fault Congress for not acting as an independent branch of govt (and instead, taking the dog and pony show we also treated the UN to), any vote against it (or the related anti terror legislation such as the UN-Patriot Act, or related shredding of the Constitution by expanding warrantless seizure and surveillance) would have been emphatically denounced as an act of unpatriotic cowardice.
    And in addition to the image, let us not forget St. Ronnie saying that deficits don’t matter.
    Likewise, let us note that the budget increase and the increase in debt under Obama have been one of the lowest in the past few decades.

  3. There’s also the issue of on-budget vs. off-budget. The Bush 43 admin ran OEF and OIF off-budget. Obama, to his ethical credit and at some political risk, but them back on-budget.
    I find this particularly annoying inasmuch as my longtime congresscritter, Howard Coble, opposed what would have been the fastest, cheapest solution to the S&L crisis in the late ’80s, the LaFalce amendment, on the grounds that the price ($50 billion, admittedly a lot of money at the time) would have been off-budget and he wasn’t going to vote for anything that was off-budget. Of course, as a former federal prosecutor, he voted to impeach Slick Willie but, despite a subcommittee chairmanship on Judiciary, did nothing to look into war crimes. At least his inconsistency is consistent.

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