Calling Max Von Sydow


I rarely link to malakatude central aka Politico.combut this story is irresistible since it’s about Athenae’s boy friend:

Sen. John Kerry joked Wednesday that he’ll need an “exorcism” after
the final debate next week to purge Mitt Romney after playing the GOP
presidential nominee for weeks in debate prep with President Barack

“It’s been an interesting exercise,” Kerry said on MSNBC’s
“Morning Joe.” “I’ve decided next Tuesday I’ve got to have an exorcism
of Romney out of my being.”

I suppose he could get a lesser movie exorcist but, at the risk of sounding like Jimmy Carter, why not the best? Besides, Max played chess with death in The Seventh Seal so he knows a thing or three about playing for high stakes.

5 thoughts on “Calling Max Von Sydow

  1. Bobby Jindal ain’t doing shit but cruising the talk-show circuit, and he did a bit of exorcising in his youth.

  2. Ah, but this implies that Kerry has to act rudely, badger Obama and the moderator, have a poor control of facts… I don’t see how he can stand it.
    Watching the debate, I really wished that the rules would have let Obama pull out a series of flip charts ( a la Perrot):
    *) The Dow had dropped from _____ to _____in October 2008 . It was (around 8,000 ) when I took office and now it is around 13,500 – over a 505 increase
    *) When I took office, the unemployment rate was increasing steadily. By ____ it had leveled out. In the last debate my opponent hit unemployment hard, but now he is ignoring the latest figures showing a decrease to the current ____%
    *) The famous poster showing the increase in the budget under each prez since Reagan. It looks like I’m the lowest of them all.
    BTW – It drives me nuts that the local TV news webpage has a list of the top news stories divided into local and national. Very frequently, the national is to Politico – as if it were reputable.

  3. These are SO great, I miss New Orleans! Thanks for posting them, you took some of our fevoritas out of all that we have seen! I love the one of the 4 of us sitting on the curb. If you are coming up to Nashville for Imaging USA let us know!

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