3 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Della in the tub

  1. I’m about a month behind here. I had a goal for July, which I rcehead (added 30,000 to my WIP). I took off the first week of August and with the rest of the month, planned on editing everything I wrote in July, to be ready to continue on with the story the first of September. Well…that didn’t happen. 🙁 Took me longer to get the work edited and other things came up. Then school started and what not. Then I had to do a pre-edit on one of my other stories. So here I am…but I’ll be ready to get back to writing tomorrow!! So the plan is to write another 30,000 words in October!!

  2. The Changeling: I concur 200%! but why bring up the sucbejt of bombs from the get-go!??? especially when you have right here in our backyard in Bed-Stuy nabe (e.g., kids, teens & adults) being killed by stray bullets from illegal hand guns!Bombs are usually somewhere else in a different part of the world! where peeps from the hood; couldn’t point too on a global map. and to have a so-called Blues (Bombs) benefit in the face of these killings right here; w/out a single word spoken about it just speaks volumes on how they think about the ppl from the Bed-Stuy.Go figure1?

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