Innocent Bystander

It looks like Senator Walnuts has spent too much time hanging out with Willard the soulless, shape shifter:

“Colin Powell, interestingly enough, said that Obama got us out of Iraq,” McCain told theNational Review. “But it was Colin Powell, with his testimony before the U.N. Security Council, that got us into Iraq.”

Um, um, Senator, who was one of the leading cheerleaders for invading Iraq? Look in the mirror, dude.

I was strongly opposed to the war BUT a lot of otherwise decent people-Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Joe Biden to name a few-went nutty after 9/11 and publicly backed the war whatever their private misgivings. Powell along with his British counterpart Jack Straw opposed the war in internal debates but neither resigned in protest, which in Powell’s case could have torpedoed the the whole disastrous enterprise. Unfortunately, other than Cryus Vance quitting after the botched hostage rescue in 1980, we don’t have a tradition of principled resignations over policy. Powell is also a soldier and when he lost the debate to the Vulcans, he saluted the flag and supported his Commander-in-Chief. I believe he was wrong to do that, and wish he hadn’t BUT at least I understand why.

On the other hand, John McCain enthusiastically beat the drums for war and now it’s all Powell’s fault? Fuck you, Senator and your little racist running dog Sununu too.

10 thoughts on “Innocent Bystander

  1. Tony Blair, decent people?
    Oh, please.
    He’s always been a sleazy self-promoter and the opportunity to crawl up Little Boots’ asshole was something he just couldn’t resist.

  2. I obviously disagree. Blair is a tragic figure to me. His work in bringing a lasting peace to Northern Ireland should not be forgotten. He charmed Ian Paisley into changing from Dr. No into Rev. Peace.

  3. Gen. Powell went to the United Nations and told them in no uncertain terms that Iraq had WMDs and could launch a nuclear attack in minutes.
    Now, we know none of his testimony was true. So, what are the choices?
    1. He knew it was a lie, which makes him a bloody liar.
    2. The Bush administration lied to him and when he found out, he still stayed on the job, which makes him a corrupt careerist.
    Sorry. I used to admire Powell but the run-up to the Iraq war changed all that. He’s dead to me now. (Not that he cares.)

  4. Obviously Democrats (and their supporters) can be forgiven for voting for the Iraq War. What’s a few million dead or mutilated between friends? Those nutty Democrats!

  5. People make mistakes; some times on a grand scale. I judge these things on intent but then I’m not a moralist. LBJ passed the voting and civil rights acts and medicare. He also escalated the Vietnam War, which was a colossal fuckup but still doesn’t erase the good he did.

  6. What evidence do we have of “private misgivings” on the part of anyone who advocated/voted for the war from the Democratic side? I certainly think I would have remembered Clinton, Biden, Kerry, Edwards, Schumer, et. al. apologizing for not demanding harder evidence than the public was shown before they voted for war. Note that nobody’s ever come forward and revealed any “secret” fake evidence that clinched the decision for them (although not for everyone); it was apparently, just something they all thought was a grand idea.

  7. At least Powell reminded the administration of the “China Shop Rules” (you broke it, you bought it).
    I’ve watched the Powell at the UN video many times trying to make something of the merest gesture to indicate that either he knew he was lying or that he was duped. In either case, he was thrown under the bus (not unusual for the Bush II admin to throw people under the bus / Out secret operatives / etc.)
    And unlike past repub covert snafus, there doesn’t seem to be any move on the repubs part to rehab him. Unlike the G. Gordon Liddys and Oliver Norths, he doesn’t have his own radio show (even though he hasn’t been convicted or even indicted on anything). He hasn’t gone before Congress and answered almost every question with some variant of I’m not sure / I don’t remember / etc.
    In defense of many people mentioned in the above posts, you have to remember the mindset of the immediate aftermath of 9/11. America had largely seen itself as distant enough from the rest of the world as to be immune to foreign attack (I’m sure Hawaii may have something to say about that. For that matter, what about the Cold War, threat of missles, Duck and Cover, etc.) There was no national declaration of war against the USA. Despite earlier incidents involving Al Q, the name had not been widely bandied in the news. And only later would we learn of the preceding memos about such an attack which appear to have been largely ignored.
    The repubs were quick to shout about terror. We had jumped into Afghanistan, supposedly with the intent of taking out the people responsible for 9/11. (and of course had the tangled threads of Taliban, official govt of Afghanistan, past CIA involvement in the area, confusion in dealing with Pakistan next door, …) but didn’t have anything to show for our efforts – no sense of justice. There is good evidence that Bush II wanted Iraq for other reasons. We were still looking for a sense of ‘justice’ for 9/11 – and would readily fall for a scapegoat (and although Hussein had been put in place partly by covert activities of the west, he was also a tyrant and had many activities that were international crimes).
    A vote against Bush II’s agenda, cloaked in terms of terror and national security, would have been portrayed as an act of treason. The sheeple were more than willing to be led on a leash.
    All in all, a good study on how terror trumps reason whether for 9/11, or the McCarthy years, or the current attempt to resurrect McCarthy

  8. I read former Secretary of Defense Robert Strange McNamara’s autobiography. Only time I ever destroyed a library book in a total rage.
    He knew that the Vietnam War was lost before he resigned and took the post as head of the World Bank. He had known it for two years before he finally packed his filthy ass up and moved on.
    Twenty-five damned years later, he admitted to what I believe was treason.

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