Even More Adventures In Social Media; or, Have These People Ever Heard Of The Internet?

Behold, the Internet!

Okay, so maybe I’m doing this bit too often, but it’s just comedy gold.

Once again, a cousin posted something stupid, and I did this idiotic thing called “responding with facts.” Naturally, things only got better from there.


  • Red: God-bothering first cousin
  • Blue: Yours truly
  • Purple: Cousin’s African-American acquaintance
  • Green: Cousin’s god-bothering in-law

It’s pretty awesome, and you can see the beating after the jump.

Annnnnnnd scene.

So that’s that. Andy Rooney amended Samuel Johnson’s saying to state that religion was the last refuge of the scoundrel. I think I’d agree. Anyway, at this rate, after six weeks, I won’t ever be bothered by another relative again.

And I am gonna troll them SO HARD on Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Even More Adventures In Social Media; or, Have These People Ever Heard Of The Internet?

  1. “I’ll pray for you” is pretty much a politer version of “Screw you, I know I’m right”.
    If you really want to induce some mental dysfunction into the Catholic anti-abortion crowd, start referencing research showing that contraception and sexual education are the best ways to reduce abortions.

  2. Doing some rough math here with the google — if 22 percent of pregnancies end in abortion, then 4.8 million abortions mean approximately 25 million pregnancies…but again, per the google, some 75 percent of fertilized eggs fail to implant on the uterine wall or otherwise spontaneously abort…which to me means it looks like God’s “presided” over some 100 million abortions in the same time frame.
    Will the Christians say a prayer for God? And by the way, why did God wait allow so many kids to die horrible deaths over the course of human existence instead of letting humanity in on the secret of germ theory/vaccination against disease, and so on? Seems kind of cruel.

  3. Yeah, Delta, I know about that. However, these people are Catholics, not evangelical Protestants–the same timeline doesn’t apply.

  4. I get this crap from Catholics, I no longer try to reason with them. I just tell them that after they have rounded up all their child rapists and all the priests and bishops and cardinals who aided and abetted them in a multi-decade, international, continuing criminal enterprise (per the RICO statute) to commit serial child rape, and after all those people have been prosecuted, including but not limited to the guy whose ass currently warms the Throne of St. Peter, and after they have paid for all the treatment and therapy that all their surviving victims require and paid treble punitive damages (again, per RICO), then and only then will I start to give the first flying fuck about what they think about moral issues, and until then I don’t want to hear another goddamn word out of their goddamn criminal mouths.
    In the face of such monstrosity, civility is cosmically overrated. And actuarially speaking, I have maybe 20 years to live. In real life, it might be less. Damn if I’m going to spend it, in Warren Zevon’s words, sitting on my ass and nodding at stupid things.
    Also, women are people. Zygotes, not so much.

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