Obama Is Winning Which Still Means He’s Losing Because Romney has Hope


Polling shows the race remains a toss-up heading into the final days. But Romney still has the tougher path; he must win more of the nine most-contested states to reach 270 electoral votes: Ohio, Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada, Wisconsin, Iowa and New Hampshire.

So it’s a toss-up, except for the insurmountable odds Romney faces. Good to know.

Friday also offered an economic finale to the campaign with the release of October jobs reports that contained better than average economic news but gave both campaigns a talking point.

They both had a talking point! Oh my God, you guys! There’s no way of knowing who was right about what the jobs report meant, because they both hadtalking points!

In crucial early voting, Obama holds an apparent lead over Romney in key states. But Obama’s advantage isn’t as big as the one he had over John McCain four years ago, giving Romney hope that he could make up that gap in Tuesday’s election.

In all nine states? But hey, the TWO AP reporters it took to write this fact-free pile of nonsense aren’t actually saying Romney could make up that gap, only that he’s been given hope. He can hope for stuff now. I’m sure he’s relieved to hear it.

The real reason all these people areso fucking pissed off at Nate Silver is he’s taken away their ability to put out shit like this and call it journalism of any kind.


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  1. “Truth is the daughter of time, not of authority ” — Francis Bacon
    Why do elite pundits hate The Enlightenment?

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