Saturday Morning Election Update

If you believesome right-wing pundits, the Romneymentum keeps on keeping on. Those of us in thereality based community know that while the popular vote will be closer that it should be, Willard peaked 2 weeks ago, which means:

There is only a 16.3% chance of electing our first robot President.

Maybe the Mittbot should challenge Barack to a game of Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots:


2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Election Update

  1. So in the last week, Silver’s rating of Romney’s chances has been steadily down. 6% for the week; 3% down since yesterday. Looks like a trend.
    The news is in the weekend slowdown. So Romney only has Monday. As of now he is caught on Chrysler, Caught on Jeep, Caught on FEMA, Caught on a cynical ploy to buy news by $ 5K in goods which the Red Cross didn’t want. In short, he has left us with his worst foot forward (apologies for all the mixed metaphors).
    I am worried however about the ability of the NE to get everything together it needs to hold the election on the appointed day. If you loved the delay of Fla while arguing about hanging chads, …

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