The Christie Conspiracy?

There is no such thing but the wingnuts are good at dreaming them up, and since I just visited the alternate reality that is Politico, I feel vaguely conspiratorial. Btw, Politico is hyping a poll that claimed that Mittbot could win Minnesota. Really? A state that the Dems have carried in 13 of the last 14 Presidential elections? Sheesh. Talk about an implausible feint: Pennsylvania, at least, elected a buncha Goopers in 2010 but the Gopher State elected a Democrat Governor during that teadwad landslide election. Yumpin’ yiminy, they must think we’re stupider than the love child of Palin and Bachmann or something…

Back to Chris Christie. The wingnut punditocracy and their enablers in the
MSM, are convinced that he has some devious neo-Machiavellian reason to
“embrace” Obama after Frankenstorm Sandy. First of all, does anyone
believe that Christie is subtle and devious? He’s as subtle as a ballpeen
hammer upside your head and as devious as Red (You’re a dumbass) Forman, the
misanthropic father fromThat 70’s Show. I take him at his word that
he’s doing it for his state. As Dr. A-who spent a lot of time on Long Guyland
in her youth-said to me earlier today: “People from Jersey love it because
everyone else thinks it’s a hellhole.” I married well.

In another clear indication that they’re losing, theRomneyites
have “revealed” to Politico
that Christie was Mittbot’s first
choice but he soured on him. What is he, a jawbreaker? Do they even have those anymore?

Some aides around Romney began to sour on Christie when he was late to a
couple of events where they were appearing together. “Chris is a sort of
cavalier New York, New Jersey guy: ‘If I’m a few minutes behind, I’ll blame it
on traffic,'” said a person who knows him well. “That’s just who he is.”

The tardiness rankled the by-the-book folks around Romney. As the
vice-presidential selection ramped up, Christie was always at the top of the
list, but always with an asterisk.

Some Romney loyalists thought he was too much about himself.

“He wouldn’t make a good Number Two,” one adviser said. That is a point that
Christie often made himself, when brushing off talk that he would be chosen.

Advisers also fretted about the raw emotion that makes Christie so popular
on TV and on the trail, fearing it might be a liability in the West Wing. In
blunt language that Christie can appreciate, another official said: “The
explosiveness had some risk.”

I’m surprised that they
didn’t pile on by calling him emotionally unstable and a compulsive eater. This
reminds me of all the stories leaked to Politico by the McCainiacs about Palin
when it became obvious that they were going to lose. Such a story is far more revealing
than fake-ass campaign stops in

favorite Christie conspiracy theory comes from theBreitbartian
bozo, Joel Pollack:

But the
truth about Christie’s outreach to Obama is blindingly obvious: Mitt Romney is
now running away with this election, freeing Christie to praise the president
without fear that doing so will tip the scales.

The only
thing that is blindingly obvious is Pollack’s malakatude and utter
douchebaggery. That’s got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard in
my life. Hmm, maybe Pollack is the love child of Palin and Bachmann? Stranger
things have happened.

I’ll let
some of Chris Christie’s constituents have the last word because pretty soon
the Romney campaign will be only a memory and a bad one at that:

3 thoughts on “The Christie Conspiracy?

  1. I found myself wondering last week what the optics of it all would have been if Christie had run, beaten out Mitt, and was the Republican nominee: How do the do those walking tours as less-that-a-week-to-go opponents? Or, how do they NOT do them?
    It would have been, to say the least, “interesting”.

  2. I call bullshit on this part: “the raw emotion that makes Christie so popular on TV and on the trail, fearing it might be a liability in the West Wing”
    No way did Mitt even once think of what it would be like to actually govern. Winning whatever moment they were in the campaign is it. Thus the Etch-a-Sketch and the ever-changing lies.
    If they thought Christie would help them win, he’d have been the VP choice.
    Though if he’d have helped them win but upstaged Mitt during the campaign, THAT Mitt would have vetoed (remember Mitt and the RYAN chant? he got all pissy and made the crowd do Romney/Ryan). But no way did actual effectiveness in the act of governing ever ever ever come up even once.

  3. Looking at the mud slung towards Christie, something about when you point a finger at someone you have 3 fingers pointing to yourself.
    And I am by no means a Christie supporter. Wonder what the folks in NJ who are getting help in quickly recovering think about those giving anti-Christie statements.

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