Atlas Has a Pity Party


The world’s littlest violin might not be enough —this guy needs a dose of sad trombones, too.

And if you have the chance, check out the other posts to see thefull tantrum basking inall its rich glory.

And when you look at his manly, Galtian “qualifications,” you find them rife with government…that is, unless there’s a private market in “missile technology” I’m unaware of.

His chosen school, Seattle University, is a Jesuit institution…which means a tax-free ride on everyone else’s shoulders…though you can easily and conveniently apply for
federal financial aid by visiting their website. And I’ll bet S.U. vigorously participates in any of a number of local (Seattle, i.e., Boeing), State, and/or federal research grant programs.

I swear, one of the biggest problems I have with our modern Randian masters is that they’re such weenies…like the I-built-it business guy at the Redumblican Convention whose paean to the private market was a cri du coeur about how the stimulus program cut into his lucrative trade making road signs…for the government.

It’s like John Galt, but for not very gifted toddlers and morans [sic].

7 thoughts on “Atlas Has a Pity Party

  1. Not just the religious colleges that are tax exempt.
    Until last year I was on the faculty of a private medical college. No religious affiliation. There I learned that a lot of private colleges are in a IRS classification of “Educational Instutions not for profit.”
    Get the tax advantages (and also similar responsibilities) of a 501c3 but technically don’t fit in that category. Purchases are tax exempt. Donations to the school are tax write-offs. Any excess funds have to be put back into the operation of the school or long term instruments such as endowments. etc.
    Interestingly enough, I think of one alum who is rather vocal about no one helped him get to where he is. But just thinking of the school, a lot of the students are military scholarship which is well enjoyed as a steady revenue stream. Not to mention student loans for paying for a private school.

  2. Wish I really had time to pore over the Federal Govt. Budget line-by-line, because something tells me the wingers would howl in protest at any attempt to cut “their” programs…which are probably more than just DOD research dollars, sinecure positions, and whatnot. After all, they’ve got the whole K Street project steering “free money” in their direction by the boatload.
    But, like Lee Atwater said, “small government” as an argument is really just dog whistle anyway.

  3. @MichalF, I’m in a discussion in another group about the need to get the partisan politics out of the actual running of elections. Just think of the potential damage that you were on the outlook from the predominant party in one state to game the system.
    For example, we could have a civic group like league of women voteres oversee the prcess.
    On of the more novel ideas, which I’m sure would get the right to wail, is to form a federal agency to run the elections.

  4. MapleStreet, oh yeah, you can bet they’d pitch a fit…because what’s “more American” than denying the right of “those people” to vote?
    It’s the electoral equivalent of eColi Conservatism…

  5. @MichaelF – not only that, but I lived a good part of my life in SC which is built on “States Rights” (I had a boss who was related to a past politico in SC whose name was actually “States Rights Brown” Not a nickname. But legal name.)
    Oh, I’m sure you’ve already thought of it as you’ve mentioned it before but I live in the midwest now, if you want a govt handout that the conservs love, think agricultural subsidies such as corn subsidy.

  6. “…like John Galt, but for not very gifted toddlers and morans”
    Isn’t that redundant?

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