Light A Fire In Your New Shoes

Oh, good.Let them crap all over Christie.He’s only their best chance of winning in four years. He only took a major national disaster and managed not to act like an incompetent bag of assholes like every other Republican on the planet, and actually seems to appeal to people on a personal level, so let’s burn him to the ground.

I get that it was awkward to have Christie say nice things about Obama, but maybe he would have said nice things about Mitt too, if Mitt had been useful in any way. If Mitt had called him up and said you know what, here’s $5 million instead of five lousy thousand and some expired chicken broth. I mean, there was in fact a way to do this that didn’t make Mitt look like a douche, but hosting a crap relief event and then bitching that Christie didn’t love him enough was not, shall we say, it.


5 thoughts on “Light A Fire In Your New Shoes

  1. Yeah, Mitt ponied up $5K for stuff the Red Cross didn’t need and didn’t want.
    Obama? Urgent FEMA assistance.
    A hug from The Boss? Priceless.

  2. @Adrastos – exactly. A lot of repubs hit the social networks asking what you would have had Romney do. (Wasn’t it Eric Cartman that used this as the?Lebron James? defense – portraying it as a cynical ploy?)
    All Romney had to do was have a photo op of him dropping a check in the cookie jar. It would be more effective if he kept the amount secret.
    As it was, he showed poor management/leadership/entrepreneural skills by trying to donate something they didn’t want (and would become a problem to them should they accept it). Plus telling folks to travel into the areas that didn’t have the resources to handle the people who were already there. (And he ran on a platform of having business skills).
    Not to mention, getting airtime for $ 5,000 is an awful cheap price for a commercial.

  3. The only sin of Christie was to complement someone on the other side of the aisle in a rancorous political world where “good politics” is to demonize the other side whether they did a good job or not.
    Frankly, it makes me think better of Christie that he CAN and DOES give credit where credit is due. Unlike a mindless boob of a cynical politician that tries to spin things to lie and slander another.
    (Kind of the reverse of the parody of the Iron Curtain news agencies that spun everything into a glorious victory – as in a glorious victory half the country has died due to plague – leaving surplus food for the rest of the country).

  4. Well, when you say “there was in fact a way to do this that didn’t make Mitt look like a douche” that leaves out the fact that Mitt had to decide what to do.
    So no, there was not.

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