3 thoughts on “Shorter John Sununu

  1. Not sure whether to laugh at how ridiculous the statements are or to cry at how the people who are supposedly the adults running the country are so psychologically warped that they can’t even make a good rationalization.
    Getting out the extremes of the dems base – as if crys of the wreck of the economy (ignoring 2001-2008 ending in freefall), repealing the evils of the Marxist-Leninist-Communst-Nazi Obama care, and just the plain fact that we have someone in the WH who isn’t American – as if that didn’t energize their Tea Bag base.
    Cult of the personality. Well if you think the only problem with someone that demeans you and continuously lies a matter of personality, they may be right on this one.
    Just last night read a barely readable facebook post, in almost indecipherable grammar, supposedly a friend reposted what another friend of a friend of a friend of a friend posted. Supposedly a nurse with a private insurance company saying there’ll be a death panel and doctors would refuse patients under Obama care. Even including the ill that their insurance just went up drastically (still can’t figure out how that is an evil of Obamacare).

  2. Just my opinion, but the criticism of “socialist” Obama is really more a function of mythology than anything else — the first and foremost myth being that, ahem, he’s a little too…brown.
    After all, if you honestly place Obama on the political/historical spectrum, I’m guessing he would be on par with…Rockefeller or (John) Lindsay Republicanism. That’s as much a function of how far rightward the national dialogue has drifted…and a function of Obama himself. The guy’s a Harvard Law graduate, and Law Review editor…to paraphrase a line from Apocalypse Now, he was being groomed for the corporation, and from an early age.
    But tell that to the low-information voters who’ll believe almost anything that begins with a condemnation of liberalism…

  3. The election showed that there are more of us lazy, uppity voters than there are of them, so they have some decisions to make. Or they can just to continue to cry about the unfairness of it all.

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