Weekend Question Thread

Got any resolutions for the new year?

I have got to finish a writing project. I’ve spent the past year working my ass off at my day job, which is great because a) money and b) I don’t want to suck at anything really. The result, though, is that I don’t have a major writing goal in mind, so I need to set one and carry it out.

The fitness thing, should I ever stop hacking up a lung, is kind of taking care of itself, as I feel bad now when I DON’T get a workout in. Eating less like a five-year-old is a lifelong process.


5 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. This past year was when I finally got my eating habits—having gone so far down the wrong road—turned around. Lost 45 pounds since early May. The resolution, I suppose, is to ratchet things up and lose another 75 in 2013. Beyond that, I don’t have languishing projects or like that. What I want to do isfind one. Not to let it languish, but as a way to devote my time to something other than passive recreation (even if that includes watching documentaries or reading nonfiction books). I took some bookbinding workshops this year but didn’t stick with them. I want to take it up again.
    As I was typing this, I basically just settled on my list of things to do next year: take up bookbinding as a craft, lose 75 pounds, get started in amateur radio (a family thing), and do a bicycle century ride. I might not have thought it all the way through if not for your question, so thank you for that.

  2. I’m going to lose Democratic weight by eating less bullshit from Senatorial Bullshit purveyors. That is all. Carry on.

  3. I am going to try to do a better job of my resolution from this year. I have tried to complement someone everyday. Whether I know them or not. No matter where I am. I did a pretty good job of it this year; telling the guy who is the voice on the drive thru that he has a wonderful voice; telling a cashier that I loved her nail polish; telling a friend at work that she looked great that day; telling another cashier that they have a wonderful smile. Little things like that, they take no time, and they do seem to make everyone happy. My problem throughout my life is that I have always wanted everyone to be happy.

  4. I have committed myself to sobriety (21 days today), to my cover design business, and to the revisions on this damn novel that my agent asked for last year.Add the usual exercise more, which shouldn’t be hard, and daily meditation, and that about wraps up my resolutions.

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