At least he’s hydrated

Every time one of the GOP’s young guns responds to an Obama SOTU, they lay an egg. It was Marco Rubio’s turn this year. The most amusing teevee comments came from Tweety who called Rubio’s speech “tinker toys delivered at a 9th grade level.” I’d say it was more like 6th grade but you gotta love the tinker toys thing.

To say that Rubio’s stagecraft was awkward is an understatement. He seemed to have cottonmouth. Hmm, I wonder if he and Aqua Buddha hung out before they delivered their respective talks.

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GIF via the Guardian

9 thoughts on “At least he’s hydrated

  1. These guys are clowns. They have no honor, no character, no limit to how much bullshit they will spew.
    Obama suggests some things can be done by government. Rubio, et al: The president hates all free enterprise and wants to expand and grow the government so it is involved in every facet of your life.
    Nice, honest explanation, you typical Republican, fucking “christian” fraud. Bearing false witness is hard work, I need a drinky!

  2. So is it a sign of how very stupid our nation really is that this is all anyone can talk about regarding Rubio’s speech? The dude is a snake in the grass. Wouldn’t it be better to focus on critiques of his message? I am not slamming you, Adrastos, but more the MSM, who can only talk about Rubio reaching for and slurping water.
    Although, of course, if his buffoonery makes people think he’s a clown who shouldn’t be listened to, then I’m happy about that.

  3. What’s there really to say about the content of Rubio’s rebuttal?
    It was NOT a response to Obama’s SOTU, but just boilerplate GOP bullshit, setting up a strawman liberal, big-spending, free enterprise-hating Obama, then yah-yahing the same bullshit you get from Hannity and O’Reilly.
    It’s goo to see that Rubio recognizes that he’s a “special” kind of rat-bastard fuck by admitting that he needed and used (government backed) student loans to attend college (University of Florida is a GOVERNMENT school) after attending public high school. He likes the fact that Medicare taskes care of his mom and took care of his dad.
    But he joins the rat-bastard fuckstick party that wants to kill government programs and privatize all healthcare and retirement programs.

  4. You guys! Quit making fun of Aguaman (Marco Rubio’s alter ego), or he’ll summon Peggy Noonan’s magic dolphins and settle your hash, but good.

  5. Agree that it was straibht boiler plate denial of Obama (without specifics or reason) and promise of repub (without specifics or reason). If it is bad that y’all only talk about the reach for the water, how bad is it that Rubio’s speech didn’t give anything to talk about other than reaching for the water.
    BTW – has anyone looked at the income data for his neighborhood to see if it truly is working class?

  6. Trying to sell a house in a “working class neighborhood” for $675,000 can sure build up a working class man’s thirst…

  7. How is it possible that they still cannot figure out how to present their well practiced stump speeches in front of a camera without making these easily prevented mistakes?
    They have been doing it since 1966 fer gawd sakes, you would think by now they would have figured out the basics.

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