Pulp Fiction Thursday: I Married A Communist

Since Ted Cuz seems bound and determined (he should be bound and gagged instead) to single-handedly revive McCarthyism, it strikes me as a good time to to bring the red scare to PFT. I’ve posted a lot of trashy covers of crappy books but most of the films I’ve talked about are good ‘uns. There is an exception to every rule and I Married A Communist is one of them. Despite featuring the always awesome Robert Ryan, it’s a real stinker that has nothing to do with the fine Philip Roth novelof the same title.

Check out the lobby card and decide if you’d rather be dead than red or vice versa:

I Married A Communist

In spite of the red scare, the title made the film unpopular with audiences and theatre owners alike so it was re-titled, The Woman On Pier 13 but either way it was from hunger. Here’s the trailer:

One thought on “Pulp Fiction Thursday: I Married A Communist

  1. I suppose it’s no small coincidence that the tall man in the background (I presume the Communist hubby) looks A LOT like Robert Oppenheimer. Remember, McCarthy accused him of being a Communist and ruined him as a result.

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