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A massive manhunt is underway this morning in Boston and several surrounding communities for one of the suspects in the Boston Marathon terror bombing attacks. A second suspect has died in a confrontation with police, while one police officer has been killed and another has been seriously wounded.

Pierce on Chechen nationalism:

Just from my limited review this morning, it would appear to be something of a mistake to lump the indigienous Chechnyan fighters in the general category of “Islamic terrorists,” although that seems to be where the mass media is headed, alas. (Jake Tapper just compared these two guys to the Fort Hood shooter and how he had “radicalized” himself.)

This all reminds me viscerally of the week of 9/11, really the three weeks after, where nobody in the newsroom slept and everybody felt like they were chasing their tails from one total disaster to the next. In Chicago we had a wave of nasty anti-Muslim hate crimes that started that same fucking afternoon, of course, because unemployed dillholes had nothing better to do, but I mean every ten minutes it was “no, don’t go there, go over here, because something more fucked up than the last fucked-up thing just happened.”

(If we see another “why do they hate us?” bunch of stories I will fucking hurt something.)

And in ongoing #CNNfail, reporting ongoing police operations, including where police are and what they are doing while theyr’e doing it, is NOT ON. You know, nine of 10 parts of bitching about “the media” is uneducated bullshit, but the part that isn’t has taken front and center this week. I believe strongly in more and more information for more and more people, but use your goddamn heads. This isn’t hard. You learn this like first year in J-school.


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  1. I was shouting the same thing at Mika et al on MSNBC – yes, please show as many photos of real-time police activity submitted by “citizen journalists” as possible. That will help.

  2. Athenae, your first error is in believing that those mooks on network TV have gone to J-school at all. Not to mention their editors.

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