22 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Jude, The Gourds kick ASS. Mr. L is gonna be playing that for the rest of the day – I followed your link, he heard it playing, now he’s got it cued up on MOG. That is some happy tap your toe music.

  2. I love ode to spring and ode to joy makes me dance around the room but this one is just sooo happy!

  3. Just saw The Rascals on Broadway and I can’t get “People Gotta Be Free” outta my haid. They ROCKED THE HOUSE. Here they are, doing it live in 1969. I defy you to sit still while watching this:

    Then again, “Good Lovin'” and “Groovin'” are right up there, too.

  4. I adore “Submarine Symphonika” from the Submarines—

    It annoyed me at first, because I just knew it as one of those “iPhone commercial songs.” But the fact that it won me over might say something about how positive and cheerful both words and music are. I stopped thinking that it was only about romantic relationships a long time ago.

  5. Oh wow, happiest song? So many songs make me put my happy feet on … “We are FAM-i-LEE … I got all my sisters with ME …” That’s a big one. Definitely ditto mellowjohn’s Chuck Mangione pick, “Feels So Good” is an awesome song. You can’t be depressed listening to that one. And then, this one’s going way, way back as well, but Honk’s “Pipeline Sequence” from Five Summer Stories is a great feel good song … from the same album, “Made My Statement” is awesome, too. This stuff always brings me back to my not-so-wasted youth …

  6. This does it for me, Cravin Melon singing Sweet Tea.

    I do miss the Carolinas. And the 90s. And my friends.
    Speaking of which, this is a close second, White Stripes’ We’re Gonna Be Friends.

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