Justice Anthony Kennedy is Not That Into You

He’s been ducking your calls, refusing to introduce you to his mom, describing you to his friends as “that stalker chick,” throwing out the toothbrushes you keep leaving at his place, and the last time he caught you doodling your names on a piece of paper HE SET IT ON FIRE.Take the hint. Go home. Have a drink, take a shower, get a haircut, and move on with your life.


2 thoughts on “Justice Anthony Kennedy is Not That Into You

  1. And yet, if you are a minority and want to vote, Justice Kennedy is not that into you, either.
    I must agree with what Thers said @ Whiskeyfire:
    I for one swell with patriotic pride to know that profound questions of national import, issues that affect our republic as well as the lives of individual Americans in the most intimate and fundamental of ways, are to be ultimately decided by the just and wise Anthony Kennedy. After all, that’s why we elected him Emperor.
    Ha ha oh wait no that kind of sucks.

    Indeed, no?

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