Damn Right I’ve Sold Out

For these prices, I’d have said Walmart was not in any way sticky, George W. Bush was the best president we ever had, and ferrets are filthy animals who should be banned from all homes and crack vans.

Sure, sure, those are opinions I hold anyway, and the money would just be a nice bonus to support my work. If somebody showed up with a huge check, I’d never question it.


5 thoughts on “Damn Right I’ve Sold Out

  1. So Domenech says he had no one “looking over my shoulder for what I wrote” and really no guidance.
    No shit.

  2. The first two statements you’d make for cold cash are creepy. The last, I’m not sure one way or the other. But, excuse the term, whoring for a right wing cause, is a step too far. Turn in your “press” credentials and join James Guckert, aka Jeff Gannon, on the media wall of shame.

  3. WTF Buzzfeed?? Headline says the scandal “Touched A Wide Range Of American Media” but the lead graf makes clear it was just CONSERVATIVE media. That’s not a fucking “wide range” that’s conservative sludge-monsters feeding at the wingnut welfare gravy trains AS PER FUCKING USUAL.
    God I hate this bullshit.

  4. How do I get some of that sweet Malaysian cash? I can tell lies for fun and profit too.

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