Kids Today Like Newspapers

If only someone would notice that, and stop telling 18-34-year-olds they don’t read:

Evidence on engagement with media from a recent study by Nielsen conducted for NAA points toward reasons why millennials connect with newspaper content. In that study, 60% of the 18-34 age group using the print newspaper considered their local newspaper “trustworthy,” as did 60% of those who used their local newspaper website.

By contrast, only 43% of those ages 18-34 who used social media sites agreed these sites were trustworthy. In a similar vein, 55% of the millennials who used local print newspapers agreed that they operate in an ethical manner and have the public’s best interest in mind, as did 54% of those who used local newspaper websites. For social media sites, 45% of those ages 18-34 agreed with that statement.

Newspaper media continue to have a utilitarian function for millennials, as they do for other age groups, when it comes to shopping habits. The recent “How America Shops and Spends” study conducted for NAA by Magid shows that 68% of those ages 18-24, and 75% of those ages 25-34, acted in some way on print newspaper advertising in the past month. Whether they visit a store, clip a coupon, become aware of a sale or go to a website to find more information, millennials act when exposed to newspaper ads in print.

(On that last paragraph in the quoted portion, maybe somebody could use those numbers to sell advertising. Not quite as fun as bitching that there’s no money for real journalism because nobody reads the paper anymore, but still, might work.)

I’m beyond thrilled to see some actual numbers here, no matter what they show. This stuff makes me so bananas because I recall the way it felt to be 22 and read four newspapers every day and WORK at a goddamn newspaper and be told that I didn’t like newspapers or real news or anything important anymore and Lawns and the Getting Off Of, and such. The minute you tell someone who they are without listening to Word One from them, you’ve lost them. It’s over. We have a limited amount of time on this planet and nobody wants to spend it educating assholes.

We get nowhere trivializing customers and potential customers without any data to support our assertions, and even with that data, we need to STOP telling kids we aren’t the cool party. They already think that. By bitching about all these twentysomethings and their iPads, all we’re doing is confirming it, like drink your Ensure by yourself then, grandpa, but I genuinely wanted to hear about the war.


2 thoughts on “Kids Today Like Newspapers

  1. “We have a limited amount of time on this planet and nobody wants to spend it educating assholes.”
    With the notable exception of, for some reason, Jude.

  2. I’ve lately been glancing at a local free weekly here in BR. It’s available at a place where I regularly shop. While I think I’m a little older than their target demographic (LSU Students, I’m guessing), the writing is plenty good enough and it looks like they’re not hurting for advertising.

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