You say Gonzo journalist, I say troll

The Advocate may be winning the NOLA newspaper war, but I found this headline to be annoying and even irksome:

Gonzo journalist charged in Landrieu caper confronts Letten

That’s right, everyone’s favorite pimp impersonator, James O’Keefe was in NOLA hunting for former US Attorney Jim Letten:

On his most recent visit to New Orleans, O’Keefe was among a group of
at least six people, armed with video equipment, who showed up
Wednesday at Letten’s Old Metairie house.

O’Keefe, 29, was looking
for Letten, who wasn’t home. But Letten’s wife, JoAnn, was. O’Keefe
pressed his case with her, saying he needed to speak with the man that
prosecuted him “for a crime that he ‘did not commit,’ ” according to the
police report. He also offered her a copy of his book — a memoir
titled “Breakthrough: Our Guerrilla War to Expose Fraud and Save
Democracy” — to give to her husband. She told sheriff deputies she
refused to take it and noticed a camera pointed toward her from inside a
vehicle as she shut the door.

After leaving the Letten home,
O’Keefe and at least five others then moved on to Tulane University,
Letten’s alma mater, where Letten now serves as assistant dean for
experiential learning at the law school, after resigning as U.S.
attorney in December following an online posting scandal that involved
two of his top lieutenants.

Letten, a Republican, had recused
himself from the Landrieu case because the father of one of the charged
men was a federal prosecutor whom Letten knew. But O’Keefe was intent on
confronting the former U.S. attorney anyway, tracking him down on the
Tulane campus and accusing him of “ruining my life,” a source with
knowledge of the incident said.

By now, Letten was aware of
O’Keefe’s visit to his home. Furious, he unleashed a loud verbal tirade
on O’Keefe. He also alerted various law enforcement authorities,
including the FBI and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

to a Tulane police report, O’Keefe and the others were “issued
restricted presence letters” — basically an order to clear off — and
escorted off campus. No arrests were made.

I’m really not sure how this qualifies as “Gonzo journalism” other than the fact that O’Keefer is a muppet. He’s really more of a troll or a stalker. Hunter S Thompson wasn’t into ambushing people’s spouses, he was into target practice, doing copious amounts of drugs, and writing insane accounts of his adventures.

If HST could see this headline at the Advocate’s web site, he’d be spinning in his grave or, more likely, shooting at his coffin lid if indeed he was planted 6 feet under.

Repeat after me: Thompson, Gonzo. O’Keefe, troll.

8 thoughts on “You say Gonzo journalist, I say troll

  1. Troll is really too nice. I’m thinking more nit, git, or twit. About the only lesson you can “learn” from O’Keefe is that wingnuts have zero shame, and a massive sense of entitlement.
    O’Keefe should feel damn lucky he’s not rotting in OPP.

  2. That O’Dweeb fuck better not cross my path this weekend down there, if he’s still trolling down there. Show up at the Chart Room, O’Dweeb! I’ll punch you in the balls. Adrastos, I’ll be drinking Tito’s and TRYING to relax. Adrastos, swing on by, I’ll buy a few. Try to catch Freeman after work…

  3. Someone, I think, hasn’t a clue what gonzo journalism is. That’s okay, I guess, except that his fucking editor is damned well supposed to know if he doesn’t.
    O’Keefe is not a journalist. He’s an agent provocateur and a propagandist and a Repug ratfucker.
    It’s not difficult to find a good definition for O’Keefe’s occupation. Not hard at all.

  4. That agent provaricariture is a bit to big a handle for okeefe, but Repug ratfucker sure fits.

  5. Hmm, a convicted criminal with a history of fraud stalking a former federal prosecutor at home and at work? He has been treated with far more deference than he deserves, and he clearly hasn’t learned anything from his first brush with law enforcement.

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