Unsolicited Royal Baby Advice

I was going to suggest a silly baby name but since everyone else in the world is doing that, I won’t suggest Endeavour after Inspector Morse. Here’s my *real* unsolicited advice, don’t let zany Uncle Harry do this with wee Prince George/Edward/Albert/Henry:

4 thoughts on “Unsolicited Royal Baby Advice

  1. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    My sweetie, as he dragged in from another 18’ish hour day going airport to airport to fix the .01%’s aerial sleds…, being the English Monarchy History Buff of Sherman Oaks and most surrounding suburbs, pondered the name and sleepily slurred out the classics…(he listens to the podcasts of “The Rex Factor”)
    I, being roused from my slumber as he arrived home, had a bit of the ‘tired sillies’ hit me and I mumbled out ‘Pickle Fork’ and added to it ‘Horace Pickle Fork Windsor, Esq the Twelfth’…and I started giggling at the absurdity – and that sent me off into a Wodehousian dreamscape… Gussie Finknottle and the like…all cohabitating at Blandings and muttering over Anatole’s dinner…
    On that note, a PG Wodehouse quote: “Blair Eggleston was a man who wore side-whiskers and if the truth were known, was probably a secret beret-wearer as well.” from Hot Water (1932)

  2. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    Oooh…I forgot to add: Damn, I MISS Inspector Morse, I had SUCH a crush on John Thaw. Great show. I need to track it down on DVD and possess it.

  3. Lex says:

    I think a name originally suggested on Fark for a winter storm might be appropriate for the new royal spawn: Weedlord Bonerhitler.

  4. MichaelF says:

    Fielder…then he’d be like the baseball player.

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