On the comeback trail

The world of politics keeps getting more and more entertaining. Former Noo Yawk Governor and Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is running for lesser office, Comptroller. That’s the person who watches NYC’s money and finance is Spitzer’s speciality.Salon’s Alex Pareenethinks this is a good thing. I’m less sure but who among us doesn’t enjoy a gutter press banner headline such as this?


I’m sure Spitzer watched Vitter, Sanford, and now Weiner’s comebacks and said” “why not me?” It should be interesting and may even keep the Noo Yawk Post afloat a bit longer.

Maybe Spitzer can spin the ho thang and channel Bertie Wooster, “What ho, Rupert.” Then again, maybe not…

One thought on “On the comeback trail

  1. So the next time Newscorp gets in hot water for their phone tapping exploits will the Post print a picture of Rupert Murdoch with the headline “Aussie Bum”?

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