Clowntime Is Over


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The latest example of wingnut redneck minstrelsy occurred at a rodeo at the Show Me State’s,uh, State Fair. It gave everyone who is afraid of clowns a new reason to fear them: this “entertainer” was a douchebag with an Obama mask and a stick up his ass. I wish I were making this up but I am not. This sort of thing should be restricted to emails from your crazy uncle who watches Fox News all day.

There was an unexpected outbreak of decency in the wake of these ku kluxy hi jinks: the GOP Lt. Governor of Missouri has decried them, and the masked malaka is now the Shoeless Joe Jackson of rodeo clowns and has been banned for life from the State Fair. No more meat on a stick or fried butter for you, Mr. Unfunny Clown. Clowntime is over:

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