Strange Bedfellows: Putin and Pat

Remember when Pat Buchanan was a fanatical anti-communist and Russophobe? That guy would have been suspicious of Vladimir Putin because of his background as a KGB man.But Pat’s rabid homophobia finds him in bed with the rabidly macho Russian President:

Leno and Obama were referring to a new Russian law prohibiting “homosexual propaganda.” Moscow is also warning foreigners, including visitors to the winter Olympics in Sochi, that propagandizing for gay rights can get them two weeks in detention. No kiss-ins allowed.

“Medieval,” howled the Washington Post. “Mr. Putin’s war” on gays and lesbians is “part and parcel of his lapse into xenophobia, religious chauvinism and general intolerance.”

Monday’s New York Times has a front-page story — “Gays in Russia Find No Haven, Despite Support From the West” — featuring photos of roughed-up protesters.

Our moral and cultural elites have put Putin on notice: Get in step with us on homosexual rights — or we may just boycott your Sochi games.

What this reveals is the distance America has traveled, morally and culturally, in a few short years, and our amnesia about who we Americans once were, and what it is we once believed.


Putin is trying to re-establish the Orthodox Church as the moral compass of the nation it had been for 1,000 years before Russia fell captive to the atheistic and pagan ideology of Marxism.

“The adoption of Christianity,” declared Putin, “became a turning point in the fate of our fatherland, made it an inseparable part of the Christian civilization and helped turn it into one of the largest world powers.”

Anyone ever heard anything like that from the Post, the Times or Barack Hussein Obama?

Buchanan finally got a shot in at the commies there but, of course, gays were locked up in mental institutions in the old Soviet Union. It’s fascinating to see Putin, who is nostalgic for the good old days of the USSR ,cast as a tribune of Christianity. Of course, how could Pat not like someone who’s as into killing Muslims as Vlad?

The main reason Pat and Vlad have become unlikely bedfellows is that they both desperately want to turn back the clock to an allegedly simpler time. You know, when men were men and the Russian Orthodox church supported serfdom because it was the natural order of things. Some moral compass.

3 thoughts on “Strange Bedfellows: Putin and Pat

  1. I thought it was “Muzzah Russia” not “Fatherland”!??!
    Hey, Patty-pat-pat-Pat-Putin-on-the-back…here’s a li’l tip from Elspeth…”THE USA WAS NEVER A CHRISTIAN NATION!!!”

  2. Unsurprising. Buchanan’s default schtick for decades has been, “Now, I’m not saying the Nazis were all right, but I’m not saying they were all wrong, either.” What is surprising is that someone pays him for his bigoted rants.

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