Conservative Finds Nut; Other Blind Squirrels Displeased

Steve Chapman, who the Tribune puts behind a paywall because apparently they think Google doesn’t work:

To anyone who has never been at the wrong end of a police encounter, being accosted may seem like a minor inconvenience. But each stop is “a demeaning and humiliating experience,” Scheindlin stressed. Innocent targets testified that “stops make them feel unwelcome in some parts of the city, and distrustful of the police,” she said. “This alienation cannot be good for the police, the community or its leaders.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, however, was having none of it. He responded to the camera mandate in a way that combined hysteria with ignorance. “It would be a nightmare,” he fumed. “We can’t have your cameraman follow you around and film things without people questioning whether they deliberately chose an angle, whether they got the whole picture.”

In fact, the cameras, which can be mounted on a Bluetooth-like headset or attached to a lapel, require no support crew. They are a minimal hassle, at most, and they vindicate good cops. A judge may not believe that someone was making furtive movements or casing a building. Video footage of what officers witnessed can confirm they acted appropriately.

It can also ensure that they act appropriately. Police who know there will be a visual record of each stop have a great incentive not to do anything out of line. Those who face resistance from suspects don’t have to worry about being falsely accused later.

Quoth the Clown Hall commentariat: SHUN THE NONBELIEVER!

If the stops fall on a larger percentage of black folks per city-wide demographics, what’s the conclusion? a) a higher percentage of blacks live in high-crime neighborhoods; or b) a higher percentage of blacks commit crimes in high crime neighborhoods. If I had a young white teenager, I would be telling him a) don’t hang out with white criminals; b) don’t dress like they do – instead dress neatly; c) don’t frequent places that those white criminals frequent and d) find something constructive to do, like read a book, join an activity like athletics, theater, music etc. — in short don’t act like a hoodlum!

Never mind that crime has gone down consistently during stop-and-frisk. Never mind that the people of NYC are much safer. Liberal dogma says that paying attention to the crime statistics is RAAAACIST!

In fairness, a couple of folks argue in there about state vs. federal law, and I’m sure in an hour or so somebody will ask us all to buy gold to solve this problem. RON PAUL 5EVA!

I personally forget where in the Constitution your rights are voided if you “act like a hoodlum” by the definition of some Law and Order-mainlining spray cheese addict whose last positive interaction with a person of color was watching Soul Train one night because he accidentally sat on the remote. Apparently you only have the freedom from unreasonable searches if you listen to music approved of by the Kenny G set. Dr. Dre? You listen to that shit, you give the cops the inalienable right to cap your ass.

If only Kids Today would sing some show tunes or read a damn book already.


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  1. I’m guessing trying to explain to the “crime has gone down consistently during stop and frisk” commenter that…crime has also gone down in places that don’t have stop and frisk/profiling policies would generate the same blank stare of Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap —
    These goes to eleven.

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