The Ladies, They Like the Sports Now

Oh GOD. food editor David Holloway wrote a piece today about an event called “Girls of Fall: A Night of Food, Fashion and Football.” His lede noted that the sport “can be a confusing and often vexing concept, especially for women.”

Every time some company or other figures out that women watch football or baseball or some other sport, I have to laugh, because growing up in Wisconsin, I couldn’t AVOID watching football, and I have female relatives that do far more yelling at the TV during Packer games than their husbands.

But hey, sports involve math, and math is hard. Too hard for women to understand, even if guys who’ve had 39 concussions seem able to grasp it just fine.


11 thoughts on “The Ladies, They Like the Sports Now

  1. Oh goodie, another reason to link this paper that I wrote in response to someone mansplaining at me that no, Super Bowl MVP awards don’t get given to quarterbacks by default (which was my assertion). So I smacked him down with statistics.
    He said I was still wrong. And then Sports Illustrated linked my paper and called it awesome. I haven’t heard from him since.

  2. Well, not statistics, but numbers. There are too few Super Bowls for any real statistical power (unlike baseball).

  3. Thinking women can’t savvy football makes as much sense as thinking men = Rulers of the Universe By Default.

  4. Yes, that’s right Mr. Holloway. My pretty head simply cannot grasp the concept of men smashing into each other in order to keep one team from advancing the ball toward a goal. Soooo complicated!

  5. My guess is this guy either met some girls who don’t like sports and assumed they equaled all of womankind, or has only learned about human females from the Lifetime TV Movies beamed to his planet.

  6. But why do they call it a ball when it isn’t round?
    Typical Sunday in my house during football season:
    Me: “Hey, you son of a bitch, catch the fucking ball!”
    Him: “I think I’ll start cooking dinner now.”

  7. The women in my mom’s family are much more football crazy than the males. But we’re more College ball than pro. My mom and I can watch some 14+ hours of football on fall Saturday’s. My Grandmother loved her Sooners and the Dallas Cowboys.

  8. In the days before Jerry Jones, the Cowboys rocked.
    I speak of the days of Don Meredith, Walt Garrison, Bob Lilly, Golden Richards, Harvey Martin, Charlie Waters, Roger Staubach, Herschel Walker, Calvin Hill, Robert Newhouse …
    I do not speak of the days of that Arkansaw Lawyer and his parade of puppet-coaches. Karma’s an SOB, Jerry.

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